5 Common Embroidered Fabric Queries Answered

5 Common Embroidered Fabric Queries Answered - Overstock Upholstery Fabric

Embroidered laces are the buzz of the year in the fashion as well as home decor sector. The art form, known as embroidery, can help highlight as well as uplift any variant of dresses or fabrics. There are umpteen varieties of embroidered fabrics available for purchase in the market. Whether you are looking for fabrics that can be added to your wallpaper or the rims of your favourite dress, embroidered fabric is sure to enhance the overall look.

If you have recently discovered the beauty of embroidered fabric, your might be clouded with several questions running through your mind. To help you understand what goes into the making of embroidered fabrics, here are some obvious queries answered for you.

Common Queries related to Embroidered Fabric

1- How is lace different from embroidered fabric?

A lace in itself is a fabric that is weaved upon itself to create beautiful thread patterns that add texture to the lace. On the other hand, embroidered fabrics can be defined as the fabric pieces upon which embroidery is embedded using different variants of threads like silk thread, embroidery thread, etc. In case of the latter, the work can also be accompanied with some embellishments.

2- Why is an embroidered fabric so popular?

There are several reasons for an embroidered fabric to enjoy popularity in the market, some of which includes:

  • Embroidered fabrics can be used to uplift and enhance the look for any simple fabric. The fact is particularly true for the mono-colored fabrics. Using embroidered fabrics you can make your mono-colored dresses look great for the party.
  • Apart from adding a hint of sultriness to the clothes you wear, embroidered fabric can also be used for adding a classic look to your home decor. You can use the same as your upholstery fabric and create your very own customized look.
  • Embroidered fabrics are generally used to create exquisite looking creative garments.

3- What are the popular embroidered fabrics?

While embroidery can be added to almost any fabric, there is a selected range of fabrics that can help create a beauty to the overall decor.

Here are some popular fabrics used for embroidery:

  • Canvas:

With its open mesh design, canvas helps in creation of embroidery with thick thread.

  • Aida:

It is among the popular fabrics used for embroidery done with hand.

  • Fiddler’s Cloth:

This particular fabric is the well-balanced mix of cotton and polyester linen. Its rough texture makes it interesting for effective embroidery.

  • Hardanger Fabric:

The Hardanger Fabric is cent percent cotton fabric with plain weave.

  • Klostern:

This particular fabric is the blend of cotton and rayon.

4- Why should one purchase the embroidered fabric via reliable sources?

It is advised that one should purchase the embroidered fabric from reliable manufacturers given the reasons which include:

  • Bagging your embroidered fabric from professional resources cater an assurance of high-quality. Any quality manufacturer would always flaunt proper value certifications which ensure that it lasts for long.
  • With help from professional fabric makers, you get access to ample varieties and range to pick from.
  • Reputable brands ensure that the colors do not bleed off from the fabric. Plus, the reputable companies always ensure that maintenance and cleaning of the fabric is easier.
  • Major companies with reputation for manufacturing embroidered fabric ensure that prices always range in the moderate scale without the quality being hampered.

5- What are the things you need to keep in mind with embroidered fabric?

  • Never purchase an embroidered fabric with threads coming off at places. Always ensure that the thread is tightly woven within the fabric.
  • Most of the embroidered fabrics use various colored threads that could bleed into the fabric when washed. However, high-quality colored threads do not bleed off into the fabric. It is always a good idea to dip a portion of the fabric into water and check for bleeding.
  • If you do not use harsh detergents, embroidered fabric looks colourful and glistening for long. So make sure you always use detergents that are soft on the fabric. Also, remember not to apply iron directly over the fabric as it can damage the thread work.
  • Friction can also lead to the fabric being damaged. So make sure you do not pile the clothes atop each other. Instead hang them using the hangers.
  • Embroidered fabric should never be washed in the machine. You can only do so if it is complete cotton material thread work. It should always be washed with hand with negligible force and soft detergents.

Bottom Line

Embroidered fabric can easily turn your everyday upholstery look into an attractive space at par with recent trends. Due to the attractive features of this fabric, there has always been a high requirement seen in the home decor as well as fashion industry. So, why wait when you can hone in to the best fabric ever available.

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