Best discount Ralph Lauren fabric to amp up your décor game!

Best discount Ralph Lauren fabric to amp up your décor game! - Overstockupholsteryfabric

The upholstery fabric is one of the most underrated elements when it comes to interior designing. More often than, people tend to think of changing their furniture, lighting, and set up of the room, but never really care much of the upholstery fabrics. However, if you take advice from the experienced interior designers, they will tell you how vital role does the fabric play to amp up the décor of a room. So why not avail yourself to Discount Ralph Lauren fabric that can completely change the look of your home.

Read on this article to find out about the best Ralph Lauren fabrics that can help you spruce up your interior decoration game.

1-Ellingwood Tweed CL:

The Ellingwood Tweed CL Earth Upholstery Fabric has its origin from Belgium, which is known for furnishing some of the most promising textile designers and manufacturers to the designing industry. The country in the 20th century introduced us to three methods: pure handwoven textiles that were made in the homes, exclusive handwoven samples, and the machine weaved jacquard interior fabrics. Ralph Lauren picks one of its upholstery fabrics –that is prepared out of 24% Polyester, 60% Linen, and 14% Viscose.

The product is further available in shades of brown and ivory, which you can easily use for upholstering the sofa or covering the headboards for imparting a luxurious look to your room. Due to the presence of polyester, it makes the fabric durable, which can be easily used for the making of curtains as well. The Ellingwood Tweed available to you is wrinkle-free and thus can be used for upholstering a variety of furniture of your choice. Now get your favorite upholstery fabric at a discounted price from Overstock Upholstery Fabrics.

2-Granby Velvet CL:

Next in the list of fantastic Discount Ralph Lauren fabric is the Granby Velvet CL with roots linked to the USA. We are all aware of the reputation of the American textile-producing industry that dates back to the invention of cotton in the 1790s. In fact, the origin of fabric production in the US so strong that the first factory ever established in the US was a textile industry. And Ralph Lauren does acknowledge the rich heritage through the Granby Velvet CL.

 The product is available in creamy white, velvet material that gives out a luxurious and classy look to your interior. You can combine this striped velvet creamy material with a dark background, which will liven up the appearance of the entire room. Velvet in itself is such a fabric that is known for its richness and royal presence. If that is what you want to add up to your interiors, then you should upholster your sofa or a secular chair with the Granby Velvet CL, which will steal the attention of the onlookers.

3-Brinley Paisley CL:

The Brinley Paisley Upholstery Fabric from Ralph Lauren is originated from the USA and is available to you in Blue Shade. You can now buy this intricate print upholstery fabric from Overstock Upholstery at a discounted rate. Brinley Paisley is a combination of 52% Linen blended well with 48% cotton, which makes it one of the most desired and loved Discount Ralph Lauren fabric. The fine texture and the softness of the material will definitely take your interior decoration goals to another level.

The fabric is light weighted and is highly durable, which is why the Brinley Paisley upholstery fabric is one of the popular choices. It can b extensively used in the making of curtains, pillow and cushion covers, for upholstering your favorite armchair to be placed in your study room, etc. The calming blue color will add a calming tone to the décor. You can pair any piece of furniture upholstered with this fabric in a dark blue painted backdrop or any other dark-painted wall color of your choice.

4-Lafayette Jacquard CL:

We are all were aware of the rich heritage of Italy in terms of fashion, philosophy, music, and art. But Ralph Lauren has taken up the affluent Italian culture to the next level with the introduction of the Lafayette Jacquard CL Upholstery Fabric, which does ample justice to the produced textiles in the cities of Milan, Naples, Florence, Rome, and Venice. This upholstery fabric offered to you by Overstock Upholstery is available in shades of yellow, gold, purple, and black.

We think these are one of the most vibrant colors that can do justice to the intricate designing of the Lafayette Jacquard CL. You can choose the fabric from any of the aforementioned colors to add that look of royalty into your interior design. You can use it for covering up the sofa in your living room, and look at how the couch becomes the center of all the attention. Now you can buy the Lafayette Jacquard CL from the Discount Ralph Lauren fabric section and make the most of the sale.

5-Dauphine Twill CL:

The Dauphine Twill CL has its roots originated from the place where the textile industries reek of richness, class, style, and make sure to make a statement. This Upholstery Fabric by the brand of Ralph Lauren is though subtle, doesn't fail to leave an impression on the beholder's eye. The soft, dove patterned drapery will add that class of subtlety to your room by enhancing the appearance of your indoors.

You can use the Dauphine Twill to either make the curtains of a mellow and calm-colored wall or you use for your sofa and headboards of the bed as well, and; you can rest assured that the fabric will do justice to every role that it is assigned to play. The material is prepared from 100% cotton, which makes it durable yet so smooth to be used. The detailing of the fabric consists of minute floral patterns and is available in ivory and beige shades.

Bottom Line:

Upholstery fabric is not just what will add color to your interior designing. The colors can add vibrancy, warmth, and coolness to the entire room and alter its appearance all of a sudden. However, it is imperative that you selected the fabric with precision. You should take care of the minute details and keep functionality in mind when you are about to buy Discount Ralph Lauren fabric for the purpose of upholstery. Stuff like the presence of children and pets must be taken into consideration while making the purchase.

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