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Double Cloth Fabric


We're very excited about a new pattern from G-TEX located in Italy that we were fortunate enough to buy at an sensible price.  Unfortunately for G-TEX, their customer reneged on an order for a custom 100% linen double-cloth fabric pattern called Lezzeno.  Because we are located in High Point, NC, we were given the opportunity by one of our favorite salesmen to buy the pattern and have it air-shipped to us from Italy.  We immediately said "Yes!"  

The pattern is very "beachy" and airy and is reversible.  It's reversible because it's double cloth.  This means that there are two layers of fabric that are stitched together and you can use the pattern on either side.  The colors are reversed.  

Our first photo shows the double cloth detail:  

Our next photos show the two sides of Lezzeno CL Charcoal.  Use whichever side you choose.

Lezzeno is more expensive than most of our patterns for four reasons:  it costs us more, it is double cloth, it is 100% linen, and it is imported directly from Italy.

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  • Jo Thompson