Exclusive Insight into Ralph Lauren Upholstery Fabric Collection

Exclusive Insight into Ralph Lauren Upholstery Fabric Collection

Choosing the right kind of upholstery fabric for your home décor helps enhance the overall look and feel of your home. While you can second best designs in the local market, buying designer fabric adds to the much-needed feel of uniqueness that we all want in our homes. One such brand and esteemed name from the design industry is “Ralph Lauren.” Known for his iconic designs from the fashion industry to home interiors, his creativity will never let you down.

With Ralph Lauren Upholstery fabric, you can automatically expect elements such as quality, creativity, and longevity embedded into the core of these designs.

Why is Ralph Lauren Upholstery fabric exclusive merchandise?

Given the authenticity of the brand and a reputation developed over the years, Ralph Lauren Upholstery is always in high demand. However, only limited suppliers provide amazing discounts with this brand of fabric online.Our exquisite fabric patterns give you a chance to decorate your home with finest quality materials that last for years to come. The selection of color palette, fabric quality, and creative design make it a worthwhile investment.

When you select Ralph Lauren upholstery fabric, you get a promise of longevity and quality that is sure to attract the attention of everyone visiting your home.

Popular/Classic Ralph Lauren Upholstery Designs

1-Animal Print:

Now, who doesn’t love animal prints for upholstery décor? The most favored colors with Ralph Lauren upholstery fabric with animal print are brown, beige, and peach. These designs were originally inspired from “The Land of the Rising Sun” or Japan. Animal prints of various types such as tiger prints or leopard prints when mixed for various furniture pieces in the same space create an exotic look. One can opt for various shades for of animal prints as well or go with different variants.

Another idea that goes well with animal prints is using solids. Such prints stand vividly when placed against solid backdrops. While neutral plains create a sophisticated look, the bold animal patterns draw in the attention of the onlooker.

2-Vertical Shaded Stripes:

While most home décor enthusiasts stick with the classic black and white for vertical stripes, investing in colors also adds in a color pop effect to your overall décor. The classic Ralph Lauren Upholstery fabric with vertical stripes points out its origin to China. Known as the Kasbah Stripe Style, this exotic texture mixes in the shades of turmeric with a hint of China-Pink, grey, and reddish-brown. This particular stripe variant gives in the feel of the classic 70’s when stripes where duly popular. As style comes back with time, so has the use of stripes for upholstery and Ralph Lauren has surely made good use of the same.

When paired with a mix of white and black in the backdrop, these colors pop up like a beautiful flower in fairy-white snow. You can also go for the reverse look with marble stripes and colored background to obtain the same “POP” effect.

3-Geometric Prints:

If you are going with the classic black & white scheme for your home décor, opting for geometric patterns by Ralph Lauren upholstery fabric enlivens your space while rendering a minimalistic look. Geometric patterns are known to create symmetry in the space in which you live. Try and incorporate designs of the same geometric pattern for similar furniture pieces. Add in some bold solid colors every now and then to create a relaxing break from the observable pattern.

You can also go for a combination of two different bold patterns. However, you need to remember that this mix is something that requires perfection. Any pattern getting excessive space as opposed to the other can lead to absurdity for your entire décor. Remember to maintain a balance with contrasting colors in the palette.

4-Floral Details:          

A springtime beauty, this particular design in the collection for Ralph Lauren upholstery fabric is something that creates a feeling of freshness to your home décor. If you are aiming for a space that is attention-worthy, these designs are a must. Back these designs with a classic pastoral scene and subtle mix of peach, white, and grey in the remaining area. This unites the entire space without creating a sudden break. Flowers always create a relaxing look for your home décor. These designs surely work well for your living area or sitting room.

Avoid instances of pattern overload and go with a single flower pattern for the furniture of your choice while keeping designs and colors neutral for others in the same space. Design overload can create a quirky feel to the entire look, thereby rendering your efforts a complete waste. Remember, subtly is the key to perfection, unless you love bold and it makes you happy!


Whether you love subtle colors or bold patterns, the right mix is the key to a beautiful living space. Not just that, picking the right fabric for your upholstery and drapery requirements is crucial as well. If you seek classiness and uniqueness for your space, going with the classic collection of Ralph Lauren upholstery fabric is a must.

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