How and where to use Greek Key Trims

How and where to use Greek Key Trims

I love Greek Key fabric trims -- especially the trims that we just received from Clarence House.  Clarence House's quality is unquestioned and to add style to quality, we feel very blessed to have Galon Athenee trims in stock.  The Greek Key style is simple yet makes a statement wherever it is used.   

Origins of the Greek Key Trims

Greek Key Trims, also termed as Meander Trims, in its basic form is a linear-designed pattern that adds beauty to your upholstery. This particular design is crafted from long & continuous lines that tend to fall back repeatedly on itself. This mimics the ancient Asia Minor based River Maeander and its flow. It is popular for its significant twists & turns that create a beautiful pattern.

The Clarence House Fabric Greek Key is known to strike the perfect balance of simple yet decorative upholstery that can be observed in this YouTube video. As it is with any design element, going overboard can lead to disruption in the décor pattern. The best benefit of opting for Greek Key Trims by Clarence House Upholstery Fabric is the fact that it adds an architectural vibrancy to the room. You can watch YouTube videos to determine the best options to make your décor look optically bigger and classier with the Greek Key Trims.

Pictured above is the Clarence House pattern Petite Galon Athenee CL Vert.  It's approximately 1.125" wide.  We also sell Grand Galon Athenee which is a little wider:  3".  

Therese Marie Designs with Etsy used a Greek Key trim on this pillow:

And Martha & Dash uses Greek Key trims on their draperies:

I'd love to see the trims used on a clutch!?!

Thank you for reading my Blog.  Please use Coupon Code GK25% and receive 25% off of our Greek Key trims offered by Clarence House.  The pattern names are Grand Galon Athenee and Petite Galon Athenee.  Just type these names into the search box and you'll see all of the colors we have in stock.  Or use this link Athenee

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