How striped Wallpaper Can Give Your Room a Unique Look

How striped Wallpaper Can Give Your Room a Unique Look

Wallpapers can transform your room whether it’s your bedroom, drawing room or dining hall. People are likely to notice it as stripes are eye-catching in nature. Whether it’s a dress or wallpaper, stripes will always catch attention. Which is why more and more people are loving this new trend.

If you are a fan of Ralph Lauren wallpaper, there are plenty of designs to choose from. The name alone is enough to know that the design will be unique and beautiful. Don’t underestimate the power of simple stripes. It can easily transform your room and make it more attractive, comfortable and stylish to look at.

Take a change of stripes as it has the potential to create the look of your dreams. Here is why:

Stripes are Unique

The thing with stripe is that it is not common. Its not a design that you often see which is why it is unique. And, when you see on someone’s wallpaper, you want it for yourself. That’s the beauty of stripes. Its rare, unique and so stylish that that it will wow all your guests. In so many ways, stripes are bold designs not many people want to commit to. But, if you are willing to take risk and stun others with your choice, definitely go with a striped wallpaper design.

Create Trendy and Modern Look

If you want to create a modern look, striped wallpapers are the way to go. The sharp angles and straight lines give the wallpaper a crisp design. When you are trying to create a modern look, stripes are the best option. It is already a unique design which means you don’t have make an extra effort to create a modern look. Funnily enough, stripes are a classic design too. Yet they are considered as modern and you can easily create a beautiful and unique look as it will make your walls stand out.

Versatile Designs

You will be amazed to know that stripes come in various designs. From thin stripes to wide stripes and from vertical to horizontal angles, you have a wide range of choices. You can choose from multiple colors, width, and direction of stripes to create a customized look for your room. You can choose different stripe direction and size to draw attention to the walls. Likewise, you can go bold or choose a neutral color to create a look that will reflect your personality. Ralph Lauren wallpaper in stripes designs come with beautiful colors and styles.

Multiple Tones

Striped wallpapers can have multiple colors stripes in it. This can create a very unique and eye-catching look. Multiple tones can create a very unique look for you. You can actually use a striped wallpaper with three or more patterns. This way, you will have a versatile color palette to work with. Why settle for single tone when you can work with multiple? Unlike any other pattern, stripes work wonderfully with tones. Choose any color and you will not regret the choice.

Create A Sense of More Space

Have a small space? Try stripped wallpaper to create a sense of more space that you actually have. Horizontal stripes can make your room look wider than it is. Likewise, vertical stripes can make your ceiling look higher than it actually is. This is one of the reasons why people love this design. Even designers like Ralph Lauren love stripes which evident by the huge collection of Ralph Lauren wallpaper collection in stripes. You can easily create more space without any actual construction work. This practical feature makes stripes wallpaper a perfect choice for homes that are smaller in size.

Choosing Striped Wallpaper

When you are looking for striped wallpaper for your room, it is important to choose the right one. While they are perfect for creating a unique look, wrong stripe design can work against you. Width of the stripes can make a huge difference which is why you need to choose a striped wallpaper of the right width.

For instance, thin stripes will be too much for a large space. You need wider stripes for that. The same way, wider stripes for small space will make the whole room look smaller than it is. It is true that stripes can work wonder but only if you choose the right one. Make sure that you choose the right size and direction of stripes to fully utilize its benefits.

Installation is Important Too

Just like it is important to choose the right size and direction of stripe, it is important to install it correctly. Other patterns are forgiving if the wallpaper is a little bit crooked. But if the striped wallpaper is not installed correctly then it will be a disaster. Make sure that you get it installed correctly. Hire a professional team to install the wallpaper to get it correct the first time.

The Bottom-line

Striped wallpapers are one of the best designs for homes. It is unique, stylish and beautiful in many ways. Choosing the right design will help you create the most unique looking room.

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