How to choose and use the sheer drapery fabric?

How to choose and use the sheer drapery fabric? - Overstock Upholstery Fabric

In most cases, sheer curtains or drapery fabric is overlooked as the treatment solution for windows. However, they are very versatile in terms of application. The best thing about drapery fabric is the fact that they are airy and light with high functionality. They are designed to help filter as well as diffuse the light in the daytime while retaining proper privacy for the homeowners. Given the fact that they are made from various fabric options, you can create unique looks with the use of the sheer drapery fabric with different pattern options.

What is the sheer drapery fabric made of?

Sheer drapery fabric has surely come far since the introduction of “nets” for décor purposes. You can acquire them in any form, such as patterned or plain depending upon your taste. The best thing about sheer drapery fabric is the fact that you can get them in an array of materials. Given the fact that sheers tend to be open to constant light exposure, it is recommended that you go with the fade-resistant options that serve their new-like appearance for long.

  • Cotton fabric, including the linens and gauzy fabrics, tends to create fine textures known for their sophisticated and romantic look.
  • The high-end fabric polyesters tend to provide you an ornate and glamorous effect, which is particularly easy to maintain and clean.
  • The lace fabric is available in an array of colors with the inclusion of intricate flowers and plant imagery. Some people might find the sheer drapery fabric a little old fashioned. However, there are ultra-modern drapery styles available for décor enthusiasts, as well.
  • Silk sheer drapery comes in a metallic and soft texture that represents luxury and a contemporary feel. Often most of the silk sheer drapery tends to be a blended version. Chiffon is a costlier option which looks similar to that of silk.
  • Another drapery fabric is voile, which is often created from cotton or cotton blends. Its open weave, crisp fabric drapes and gathers very beautifully.

How can you use sheer drapery fabric?

Sheers are perfect to be used on its own. However, it is recommended mainly for the windows present in the non-living areas like stairwells, entryways, or the hallways. They do not offer any light-blocking or insulating property. So, if you want to include one in your bedroom, your mornings might be a bit too bright and might disturb your sleep.

Sheers, when paired with the curtains, act as the perfect partners. However, they aren’t suitable to be sued with shutters or blinds as they can get caught up in the edges. The sheer drapery fabric offers privacy and proper inflow of sunlight, which blocks the growth of molds or mildews inside the house. You need to keep in mind that this can happen only when it is the daytime. Once it is dark on the outside & you turn the light on the inside, the house becomes transparent for the outside viewers.

Another idea for sheers to be used is in the backdrop of the room as they allow the shapes and light to filter in, thus tying the complete room together in terms of the architectural features. Sheer drapery fabric creates a soft look inside the room, especially if it houses busy visual patterns. They tend to be an amazing choice for bringing together things that have mismatched in terms of décor. Sheers also serves as an elegant divider for the room, especially if you own a large and open space plan for your home.

What rooms suit best for the sheer drapery fabric?

Sheer drapery fabric can be perfect for rooms that tend to get a substantial amount of light. However, they are created from fabric, which might make it an unsuitable choice for rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen, given the heat and moisture present in the area. When talking about the prime benefits of sheer drapery fabric, you need to know that it can diffuse the inflow of light into your room while retaining the outward visibility. Sheers serve as an optimal addition for living spaces and bedrooms, especially the ones that are exposed to neighboring properties or road front.

How big does your sheer drapery fabric need to be?

Just like you would do with your curtains, the sheers too require a little wave. When measuring its width, try and take a size that is double or even triple the entire window width. Now, talking about the height, you need to place the sheer drapery fabric in proper conjunction with the floor. Have your sheers hand all the way down to its sill. Depending upon the look you want to create, you can opt for the medium or full-length sill.


Any home décor expert can tell you that draperies help perfect the room. When it boils down to sheer drapery fabric, the color, material, length, as well as lining matters a lot. You can pair two to three variants together to create a different look. With so many options to choose from, it is easy for homeowners to feel a bit overwhelmed. So, keep in mind that you do your research before buying one for your house.

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