How to ensure your wallpaper lasts for long?

Ralph Lauren Wallpaper: How to Ensure It Lasts Long?

Ralph Lauren wallpaper

The wallpaper you select instantly becomes the canvas of your room & a context to how you live, work, & play. They are one of the simplest ways to decorate your house. Of course, wallpapers are susceptible to wear & tear. However, if you correctly care for your Ralph Lauren wallpaper, you might surely increase their lifetime.

Appropriate wallpaper care is crucial to beautiful-looking walls for a significant time period. To keep your room dynamic & bright, basic maintenance of wallpaper might guarantee a long life for your wall decor. However, it is essential to plan wallpaper maintenance every two to three weeks to have them shining with coolness & brilliance.

Wallpaper generally draws a huge amount of dust. Therefore, all wallpaper should be clean periodically. Depending upon the condition of your wallpaper, cleaning needs removal & dusting of stain. However, with the appropriate methodology, you might bring your Ralph Lauren wallpaper as they were in the first place.

Tips To Make Your Wallpaper Last Long

With these essential maintenance tips, your wallpaper will not only look gorgeous but also will last longer.


1-Knowing your wallpaper

  • Before you begin cleaning your Ralph Lauren wallpaper, the first primary step is to understand the type of wallpaper used at your home. Then, based on the type, you might decide on the cleaning method.
  • For instance, the vinyl-based wallpapers are very easy to clean & can be cleaned with regular water or cleaning chemicals. However, you should be careful while cleaning the fabric-based wallpapers with the wet cloth & you should avoid cleaning with water if it’s a simple paper-based wallpaper.
  • Try to avoid cleaning with rough materials at all costs as it might give permanent scratches to your wallpaper. Well, you might use a dry wipe where there is zero dampness.

2-Cleaning with Cleaners

  • While using cleaners, ensure that you don’t overuse them as using many cleaners will cause dirt to stick on the walls.
  • Ensure you always use a plain cloth or sponge while cleaning to avoid any color mark on your Ralph Lauren wallpaper. At all costs, avoid scrubbings pads as they are excessively harsh.
  • Clear the excess solution so that you don’t end up making your wallpaper further wet. Before using the cleaner, ensure you test whether the cleaner is safe or destructive for your wallpaper.
  • If it cleans & doesn’t harm, begin the cleaning work.

3-Dry & Rinse the Wallpaper

  • To rinse each area properly, you must use clean water & a separate clean cloth or sponge.
  • Try not to use excess water, or else you will end up with wet & damp walls. Instead, utilize a thick plain cloth to dry the surface promptly to prevent your wallpaper from soaking up too much dampness.


1-Using a Vacuum Cleaner

  • Well, the most effective method for expelling dust from your Ralph Lauren wallpaper is via vacuuming. To start dusting, connect a wallpaper brush with the vacuum.
  • Always remember if you carefully use a vacuum cleaner on your wallpaper, you might use them for cleaning any type of wallpaper.

2-Using a Floor Brush

  • In case you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, find any clean cloth & put it on top of a floor brush. Then, swipe your floor brush over the wallpaper from left to right as this cheap & easy technique will also help you reach the dusty corners.
  • Always make sure you cover every part of your wallpaper.

3-Using a Clean Cloth

  • Using a clean cloth is another simple method to dust. Always begin from the top & start dusting from the corners.
  • Make sure that your cloth is not excessively dirty while coming down. A dirty cloth will smear your Ralph Lauren wallpaper. Therefore, try to replace the cloth with a new one.

Stain Removing

1-Cleaning Pastel Marks 

  • To remove color pencil marks made by your kids on the wallpaper using a specifically designed knife or blade. Well, this method mostly clears all the marks. After that place, a plain white towel on the pastel mark & apply low heat through iron. Then wait for some time till the remaining stain is removed.
  • If you have Ralph Lauren wallpaper that’s washable, you might also use a cleaner to clean the pastel marks. Later, slowly wipe the marks until you get a satisfactory outcome.

2-Cleaning Grease Stains

  • First, place a paper-based cloth over marks. Then, apply low heat on it by using an iron. The grease should saturate the paper-based cloth. Later, evacuate the cloth to remove the grease stains.
  • You can apply face powder on the grease stain & keep it for about ten minutes. Later, clean the powder from your wallpaper with a dry sponge or brush.

3-Cleaning Wine Stains

  • Wet a plain cloth with cleaner & peroxide. Using the cloth, apply the blend to your wallpaper. The mix will dilute the wine stain. Keep it around for five minutes. Use a wet cloth to clean the stain & later dry your Ralph Lauren wallpaper utilizing air from the vacuum.
  • You can also remove wine stain with sodium cleaner, which will loosen the spot. Then you can dip a cloth into the cleaner & keep it around for 4-6 minutes, which will remove the stain. Later, with a clean wet cloth, clear the spot.


Everyone knows how wallpaper magically changes a conventional-looking home, office, or any place into a million-dollar one! Anyhow, we hope these tips mentioned above will help you keep your wallpaper well-maintained for a long time.

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