How to get amazing discount deals on upholstery fabric when shopping online?

How to get amazing discount deals on upholstery fabric? - Overstock Upholstery Fabric

In this pandemic, when you’re stuck inside the four walls of your home, and everything is dull and gloomy, it’s time to bring a change inside your home. One can start by replacing their old upholstery or getting a new upholstery fabric to enhance its look. No matter how much you try, you still cannot ignore the fact that they’re quite expensive.

Though the price depends on the quality, one will always want to get the best-looking upholstery fabric at an affordable price. Nowadays, shoppers at turning to online shopping as they get a wide variety of options in one place. In this guide, we’ve put together some of the tricks and tips to get amazing discount PK lifestyles fabrics.

  1. Use cashback sites and apps

Just like our parents were looking forward to saving some cash on every deal, we’re also searching for tricks to do the same. The only difference is, now it has become easier than ever with the innovation of online shopping. 

Cashback apps and sites are one such way to grab an amazing deal. Not only do they allow one to shop from major online platforms, but they also provide discounts, coupons, and many other transactions. The use of such sites or apps aren’t only limited to giving discount PK Lifestyles fabrics, but can also be used at salons, grocery stores, spas, and restaurants. 

  1. Shop during festivities

With the onset of the festive season, while everyone is hustling to get their home a makeover, many shopping sites offer high discounts and amazing deals. So, if you’re planning to get some intricately designed upholstery fabric, wait for the festive season such as Easter, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. 

Are you waiting to get some amazing discount on PK Lifestyles fabric? Wait till the festive season, and you can get your hand on upholstery fabric at a reasonable price. If you shop smartly, you’d be able to save yourself some bucks.

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  1. Shop in bulk

Shopping in large volumes offers a great discount when compared to shopping individually. If your friends are also planning to do some upholstery fabric shopping, ask them to order with you. In this way, both of you can get amazing discounts. 

Get fabrics in large volumes which you can use for a longer period at once. Though the amount of discount offered by various sites varies, one common thing between them is they offer discounts on bulk shopping. The best time to buy in bulk is at the end of the season. 

  1. Add extensions to identify coupon codes

Most of the people aren’t usually aware of coupon codes because they don’t frequently visit the shopping site. For people who’re willing to get a good discount on PK Lifestyles fabric, it is recommended to add browser extensions. 

Extensions for Firefox and Chrome are available for users to apply. These extensions would scan for coupon codes and discounts even before you visit the e-commerce site. Without having to check every site individually for coupons or discounts, you would be notified about the same. Not just that, some of them might also offer price comparisons and price alerts. 

Install the extension

  • Open the web store of Chrome
  • Search and choose the extension that you want
  • Click on “Add to Chrome”
  • In some cases, it might ask for permission. Approve it by clicking on “Add Extension.” 
  1. Shop incognito

Several websites offer great discounts to their new customers by identifying them. They use the user’s past shopping, location, and browsing history to identify their old customers from the new one. Once the website is assured that you’re new, all the prices on upholstery fabric will change automatically. You would be offered rewards and great discount PK Lifestyles fabric

However, one can overcome this and enjoy the great discounts again and again. What you need to do is, keep your cookies and browsing history clean. Another effective hack is to log in to the site or app using multiple phones or e-mails so that you’d be identified as a first user. 

  1. Shop on the site’s anniversary

On the completion of yet another year to their site’s establishment, several shopping sites offer great deals to their customers, which might last from a single day to a couple of weeks, or the entire month. Either they offer rewards, coupons, discounts, or offer buy-one-get-one-free. 

So, whatever site you’re using, mark their date of the anniversary as your online shopping day. Make a list of all the things you want and place an order on that particular day. First of all, you’d get the benefit of purchasing in bulk. Secondly, the anniversary deals will help you get an additional discount on PK Lifestyles fabric

  1. Track brands over social media

If you’re very picky when it comes to shopping for upholstery fabric and prefer buying from one or two particular brands, then start following their page on social sites. From time to time, these brands post regarding their upcoming deals, coupons, discount, or sales. 

Not just that, some sites have Facebook or Instagram accounts dedicated particularly for deals or discounts. In this way, you get a discount on your purchase without having to abandon your favorite brand. Make a habit of keeping a check over the social media pages, and you’d be notified about all new deals.


When you’ve guests or your boss coming over for dinner, the dull-looking upholstery isn’t going to give a good impression. It’s very important to keep your living room presentable or appealing as it experiences the most traffic. Also, one cannot ignore the fact that the best-looking upholstery fabrics can sometimes empty your pocket. However, if you shop smartly, you can easily get a discount on PK Lifestyles fabrics without compromising with the quality. Push up your savings and grab the best deals by following the tricks and tips mentioned above.

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