Is Your Upholstery Fabric Fading? Here’s How To Avoid It!

Is Your Upholstery Fabric Fading? Here’s How To Avoid It!

Is Your Upholstery Fabric Fading? Here’s How To Avoid It!

Natural sunlight enhances the aesthetic of any room by adding a bit of luxury. So, you cannot avoid that. And you shouldn't do that at any cost. But this puts your outdoor upholstery fabric at the risk of fading over time due to the sun. The furniture will become charcoal gray which once used to be pitch black due to fading. Even the finest fabric fall prey to the wrath of sunlight.

The fading process lasts for years or months. It results from prolonged exposure to sunlight. Seeing the condition of your upholstery fabric can be disheartening. The best quality upholstery fabric will start deteriorating if not maintained properly. So, as a responsible owner, what all steps can you take to prevent this from happening? Read on to find out.

  • Provide Shade

    The most effective way to protect your upholstery fabric from fading is to place it under a shade. Even if the area is receiving an ample amount of sunlight, make sure it doesn't directly fall over the fabric. Plus, your fabric will remain cool.

    Yet another way is to determine its position based on the sun's movement. Either place it under the trees or at a place where the sunlight is blocked by a building. Nowadays, roller shades are available to protect you and your fabric when the sun shines above it. For better control, you can get a remotely or electronically controlled roller shade. And if we're talking about a table here, get your hands over an expandable umbrella.

    • Use UV Protectant

      Yet another amazing idea to safeguard your outdoor upholstery fabric is to layer it with a UV protectant. Such products work miraculously by giving protection to the surface or fabric from the harmful UV rays, which act as a catalyst for fading. Similar to how sunscreen protects our skin, a UV protectant also works by reflecting the UVB and UVA sun rays, which are highly penetrating.

      The UV protectants are suitable for a variety of surfaces such as rubber, wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and much more. It's quite easy to apply. All you need to do is remove the cap from the spray bottle and cover the surface with a layer of the product. For best results, it's recommended to apply the product once at an interval of a few months.

      • Keep it clean

        Maintenance plays a significant role in determining your fabric's lifespan. You should regularly ensure its cleaning. If left unattended for a prolonged period outdoors, it will draw in dust, debris, pollen, dirt, and insects. When all of these get accumulated over the fabric, it starts to wear down, which accelerates the process of fading.

        So, why not keep it clean and avoid such mishaps? You can simply use your garden hose to clean the fabric if it's washable. Otherwise, use a vacuum cleaner to suck in all the deeply embedded dirt and debris. Make it a point to avoid pressure washing as it further harms the fabrics instead of cleaning them.

        • Protective coverings

          You might not be willing to add a layer of protective covering to your outdoor upholstery fabric as you've already fallen in love with the original artwork. It would take a heavy heart to cover it up. But, doing so will work out for good. Nowadays, numerous stylish and modern protective coverings are available in the market.

          Such covers are manufactured with an aim to not only provide protection to your fabric but also to match the aesthetics of your place. So, whenever your guests are visiting, or you're hosting a party, you can remove the cover. However, it's best to always keep them on, so it prevents spills and accumulation of dirt and debris over your precious fabric.

          • Rotate

            Does the sun travel through your window and hit directly to your sofa? If that's the case, you should probably change the furniture's direction to avoid fading. If you can't completely block the sun's path, keep revolving the furniture on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

            It will ensure the gradual fading of your fabric evenly, which won't look weird. The same applies to cushions as well. Flip them every now and then.


            Following such simple steps mentioned above will save you a considerable amount of money. It will ensure that your expensive outdoor upholstery fabric lasts for a prolonged period. In case you notice that the furniture has faded already, contact the professionals right away! It will be replaced with the same color, type, and pattern immediately.

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