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Pairing up new Flaxen linen line --

Pairing up new Flaxen linen line --

In the photo, we're pairing up a new 27oz / yd linen line that goes with everything called "Flaxen." Flaxen comes 40 colors and sells for  $46.95 per yard.   It is part of a cut and stock program and is therefore re-orderable.   Most of the colors have a matching 110" wide Sheer offered by the same fabric mill.  

We are showing two colors in Flaxen -- Lilac and Military Olive -- with a timeless floral print by Braemore called Radiance / Heather.  We currently have 17 yds in stock of Radiance and it sells for $9.95 per yard.  The tassel trim is by Clarence House -- Hermione Frange a Meches / 807.  We only have 4 yds in stock and it sells for  $29.95 per yard.

If you need more details, just email us at or shop Overstock Fabrics at .

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