How to pick the perfect upholstery for Christmas 2019 décor?

How to pick the perfect upholstery for Christmas 2019 décor? - Overstockupholsteryfabric

Picking up the perfect upholstery fabric can be an intimidating task to conquer. This is a significant investment to make and any second guesses regarding the choices can break down the entire set up. If in case you pick the wrong material, you will find yourself in a mess battling with all the stains and the snags. Also, taking into consideration the color pattern of the fabric is equally crucial. These were just some of the points that could determine your choice while selecting the upholstery fabric in this year’s Christmas 2019.

However, we have managed to outline a few more essential factors and an in-depth review of how to pick the perfect upholstery fabric this season. Read on to know more!

1-Style of the fabric:

The style of the fabric should be chosen in a way that, while complementing the interior designing of your house, suits best with the furniture as well. It should create a sense of harmony between the furniture piece and the background in which the piece is being placed. For instance, a traditional set of furniture would look entirely out of setup in a bright, contemporary style living room. But, if you think you can pull both the looks well and blend them accordingly, then who is really going to stop you?

2-The durability that it offers:

The strength of the fabric used for upholstery this Christmas 2019 plays one vital role.  However, it is more like a relative factor, whose selection criteria changes according to the placement, use, and aesthetics of the furniture to be upholstered. If you have pets or children in your house, the fabric selection shall again be biased due to these factors:

  • You must always opt for woven patterns over the printed ones as their longevity is more. Also, higher thread counts and weaving being tight are two crucial aspects to be considered during the selection process. The thread count is generally calculated based on the number of threads included in a square inch of the fabric, and the denser the material or higher the thread count, the longer the fabric shall last.
  • Who is going to use the furniture is another determining factor in fabric selection. If in case you have a household who allow the pets to share their sofa, then you must always consider leather or microfiber fabric as they have the ability to bear excess wear and tear.
  • If your armchair or sofa is being used on a regular basis, then considering the durability of the fabric is rather important.

3-Color Coordination:

Anything that doesn’t appeal to our eyes, we cannot quite reason with it much anyway! Especially when it is about the selection of fabric, we must consider the color coordination option along with the interiors of our houses before we just jump on to picking a fabric. The interior designers say, the color pattern of the material along with the walls of the room can significantly affect your décor manner; to be precise, it can either make or break the room down. Generally, when the sofa is large and is occupying a significant space of the house, you should not be very casual while selecting the color of the fabric.

4-Miscellaneous considerations:       

The durability, color, and style of the fabric are undoubtedly essential factors. But, there are some other considerations that you should chip in before you make your final selection this Christmas 2019. These factors would be specifically essential with regard to the environment you are placing your furniture in. Questions like whether anyone in your family has specific allergies, or do your pets share your furniture, does the room receive ample heat and sun rays in which the furniture shall be placed, should be asked!

  • Fabric that is fade resistant should be selected for the room, whose set up is mostly exposed to the sunlight
  • Mildew resistant fabric must be used in households that persist in humid or damp climatic regions
  • Microfiber is to be considered for the home whose inmates have certain allergies as they are lint-free and also are easy to be kept free of dust.
  • Using delicate fabrics when you have children or pets at home is advisable.

Bottom Line

Whenever you are shopping for upholstery fabric,you must keep in mind one thing, and that is it should be elegant as well as timeless. You must consider the entire frame of your room before you jump into any conclusion. Also, the factors that we have mentioned above are crucial criteria that should be considered. We say this because we do not want you to invest in something which you would later come to regret.

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