The Do’s and Don’ts of Floral Drapery Fabric Décor

The Do’s and Don’ts of Floral Drapery Fabric Decor - Overstock Upholstery Fabric

Every time we enter into a house, the first thing we notice apart from the size and overall theme of the house is the windows and the curtains hanging over it. The right set of drapery fabric helps add warmth and color to make an empty space look instantly like a homely environment. It surely doesn’t require a genius to figure out that a properly decked window with beautiful floral drapery fabric can change the entire look of the house for better.

Now, deciding the best way to beautify your space could actually take a lot of research and time. However, this doesn’t need to be your case. With this guide, you can create a beautiful home for yourself without the need for a professional décor artist.

1- Do: Hang Your Floral Drapery Fabric High & Wide

If you want to make your space look bigger and brighter, you can do so by hanging your floral drapery fabric about 12 inches higher above the frame of the window. This will make the window seem bigger than it actually is, and hence make your house seem bigger in the process. Apart from that, you need to increase the width as well. Try to extend the rod of the curtain about 3 to 6 inches on both ends.

2- Don’t: Hang the Floral Drapery Fabric Right above Your Window

While it is a great idea to hang the floral drapery fabric high above the window frame, the opposite is simply a no-no. Drapes that tend to rest just above your window frame tends to stunt your window’s length and allows the entry of minimal light. This, in turn, leads to the exhibit of a crowded and scuffled look for your home. Keep it in your mind that as you open up the curtains, the fabric should fall in a manner that only 2 inches or less are inside its frame on both sides.

3- Do: Layer the Windows

A properly designed window is something that will always sport a combination of draperies. In this case, mix and match is the key. While your floral drapery fabric is perfect all by itself, you can always amp up the styling process by including more things to the scenario. Whether you love those sheer drapery fabric or the ones with solid colors, you can always layer up as per requirement. This creates a sense of depth to the room. You can also use other add-ons such as wood blinds to create a professional yet homely look.

4- Don’t: Overdo Things

This comes without a say that going overboard can negate all your efforts up until now. The more your window is laden with fabric, the less amount of light will enter into the room. With no light shining within, the room will surely look smaller and rather congested. In order to avoid any errors or overdoing things, you can always go with the test and trial method before committing to one particular color/shade/fabric.

5- Do: Bring them Down to the Floor

The most common mistake made by a novice decorator is the purchase of curtains from stores without actually measuring their overall length and height with regards to the height of the window. For a beautifully tailored look, you need to have the drapes slightly puddled on the floor. If you do not want your drapes to touch the ground, you can always make them hover around one or half-inch above the ground. This creates the illusion of a longer window with a smooth look. Plus, a beautiful floral drapery fabric surely gives the impression of being in a fairyland without actually being in one.

6- Don’t: Assume that one size fits every window

While all these rules mentioned by us in the points above stay true for any home décor need, the styling of windows requires uniqueness. Remember, no two minds and alike. While one design might seem beautiful to you, the other might seem disastrous. The key is to trust what your gut says and try to consider factors such as temperature of the room, noise in the area, as well as light input. With a floral drapery fabric, you can never go wrong, so get yourself beautiful variants of the same.

7- Do: Use Varying Treatments for Every Room

Your home is actually a place that tells your story in the best way possible. Each room explains a unique memory or character of the person living in the room. So, it is important that each room is planned with regard to how it is being used rather than going for a look that is the same for all. Allow scope for experimentation with the floral drapery fabric or your sheer fabric. If you find it hard to decide things all by yourself, you could always call for a family meeting and exchange ideas to come up with the best option for your home.


Contrasting colors and light flowers create a magnificent look for your home. Try to refrain from opting for big, bold flowers in your floral drapery fabric. This tends to create a weird and off-center look that will make all your décor items seem worthless. So, try and stick to small yet bright flowers.

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