Top 7 factors to choose while buying outdoor upholstery fabric

Top 7 factors to choose while buying outdoor upholstery fabric

When you are buying outdoor dining furniture for your home, it is important to keep in mind that it is a reflection of you and your personality. So, it should be best complemented with suitable outdoor upholstery fabric to match the overall decor of your outdoor space. Thus, it not only finishes the look of the furniture but also acts as a window into your taste, style, and preference.

It is quite a daunting task to pick the outdoor fabric that caters to all your upholstery requirements. Moreover, it is easy to get confused about which one is suitable for your needs with abundant choices. Thus, it is best to consider various factors before buying. Let us talk about each of them and how it determines the quality of the outdoor fabric.

Factors to consider before purchasing outdoor upholstery fabric

Personal style and preference is something that matters while buying anything. However, while buying items like outdoor fabrics, not everything cannot be traced down to choice or preference as various factors need to be considered. We will start with the most obvious:

  • Price

Based on quality and material, upholstery fabrics are available at a wide range of prices. Having said that, it doesn't mean that good-quality fabrics that have nice features and properties have to be expensive. With the evolution of modern technology, it is possible to avail of some amazing and comfortable fabrics at not-so-expensive prices. You can always search for how much fabric is required for upholstering a particular piece of furniture. This will help you determine or have a rough estimate of the costs, thus preventing you from going crazy on the spending.

  • Durability

The Wyzenbeek count measures the industry standards for fabric durability in the US and the Martindale count in the European Union. The durability basically means how many rubs does the fabric take for it to show wear. However, the rubs performed on the US and US are different, thus explaining different names. Therefore, it is best to check where the fabric will be placed, the purpose of use, presence of pets and kids as it helps determine how tough the fabric should be. If you are buying outdoor upholstery fabric for sofas, make sure it has the highest rub counts as they are used frequently. Usually, 15,000 Wyzenbeek or 20,000 Martindale cycles are considered suitable for residential application.

  • Aesthetics

Adding classy aesthetics to home decor has become the new trend. Though it was already there, today, it is seen more prominently. Outdoor fabrics are one such part of the home decor. Different fabrics associate themselves with different feelings, and some can blend into the surroundings or accent the furniture. However, make sure you have something cohesive with the surrounding decor. For example, linen is considered a classic choice to create a shabby-chic rustic look, while leather exhibits a sleek and masculine appearance. On the other hand, velvet is known for inducing bold and dramatic effects into the decor.

  • Fading

Most of the fabrics fade, and it is a fact, so you cannot do anything about it. However, sunlight is solely responsible for the fading process due to a process called photo-degradation. In this process, light breaks the dyes within a fabric. Moreover, visible light heat is also responsible for the distortion and fading of the fabric's colour. Thus, if you are buying outdoor fabric in a place that receives a lot of sunlight, it is best to choose a fabric that doesn't fade away easily.

  • Weight

Usually, the heavy fabrics tend to be thick and dense, which means it will not allow much light to go through them and will last for a long time. If you are planning to use outdoor upholstery fabric for curtains, this is important. However, some heavy fabric becomes less breathable and drapeable, making them unideal for some types of furniture.

  • Pet-friendliness

If you have fur babies in your home, it is best to pick a pet-friendly fabric. These fabrics won't attract pet hairs or stains easily, thus making them extremely convenient to clean. In addition, you can look for fabrics that are not loose or textured as snaggable loopy threads tend to hook onto the claws of pets and can destroy the fabric entirely. Apart from this, allergies are another common issue. Hypoallergenic fabrics don't allow allergens to penetrate the fabric; thus, they remain on the surface and can be vacuumed or brushed off easily. Ideally, leather is a great hypoallergenic fabric; however, make sure your parents don't misbehave around it as leather is quite expensive.

  • Maintenance

Maintaining fabrics is an essential factor, so if you are someone who cannot look after the fabrics regularly, it is important to get outdoor upholstery fabrics that demand the least maintenance. For example, leather is such a fabric that does not easily cling to odour, debris, or anything, so it can easily be cleaned with just a wipe without causing any damage. However, if you choose a delicate fabric such as silk, you must regularly get it cleaned. Thus, much effort goes on cleaning delicate fabrics so go for one that requires the least maintenance.

These are some of the factors that you should consider before buying outdoor upholstery fabric for your furniture. It will help you make an informed decision. 


For many people, comfort and durability play an important role in determining the best material for their outdoor furniture. So naturally, the next thing that comes to their mind is the price factor. However, it is important to remember that the initial upfront cost may not be the only expense you pay. Less expensive, flimsier fabrics tend to degrade fast, which will necessitate you to buy new upholsteries sooner than you anticipated. Thus, make your decision mindfully.

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