Upholstery Fabric: How does it enhance your Home Decor?

Upholstery Fabric: How does it enhance your Home Decor?

Upholstery is the materials that include padding, fabric, springs, & webbing, which make up the gentle coverings of sofas, chairs, & other furniture.

Everyone deserves a beautiful house without having to bother about affording it, notably while doing up your house with accessories & furnishings. In an attempt to use fabric simply everywhere, one winds up wasting effort & money. However, if the fabric rate of the entire house is well planned & executed, one can grant to use even valuable fabrics for special occasions.

One thing that is crucial to decoration in the past few years is the selection of upholstery fabrics for curtains, cushions, & walls, enabling you to attain the style you want for your homes.

To enhance your house décor, you must just read on as we have drafted a series of tips & tricks that every interior designer & good decorator should know to combine colors & textures in a given span to perfection.

1- Ensure the fabric is enduring

The upholstery fabric you select might have an astonishing design, but if it’s not enduring, then you will hardly get plenty out of it.

Cotton might look like a clear choice, but in comparison to polyester, it is a weaker fabric & will outwear easily. That’s why save the cotton from being used in pillowcases & covers and select a sturdy fabric for the upholstery. This will result in boosting the charm of your house décor.

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2- Using creative color schemes

The color scheme of your upholstery must match the overall room décor.

 Consider trying modern shades on vintage as well as classical furniture items to get an edgy & urban vibe. Also, instead of going with a trendy color, prefer a color that will remain fashionable for the next several years.

3- Choosing the right pattern

The pattern you select for your upholstery will intensify its geometry & enhance your house decor. The room’s size also plays a role while you are selecting a pattern.

Bold patterns seem best for bigger rooms, while small patterns are best suitable for small rooms. The patterns must not be cut off hither & thither; otherwise, it will ruin the entire balance of the upholstery.

4- Picking a trendy style

The upholstery fabric style you choose for your house can speak volumes about your house. On the other hand, with trendy style fabric, you can bring trendy decors to your home for an amazing fashionable look.

Silks ooze out elegance & provide for a better formally deluxe setting. While linen fabrics work best for civic decor & create a better upbeat & casual setting. If you are not self-confident about experimenting, then take the simplest way out by coupling classic upholstery fabric with customary pieces of furniture.

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5- Following up the upkeep

The upkeep of upholstery fabric plays a vital role in enhancing your house décor. The upholstery may look costly, but if it can’t be maintained easily, then it’s going to waste a lot of energy & time to keep the cleansing issue under control.

Before buying the fabric, always ask for a sample to check whether the material is liable to strain or not. After testing a sample, choose upholstery fabric that can easily be maintained so that it will not tear down the view of your house decor.

6- Playing with texture

Along with pattern & color, the texture of your upholstery fabric is another crucial component when it comes to enhancing your house décor.

You may keep it dreary with one single type of texture for each of your furniture or combine it up with shiny, nubby & matte fabrics with rougher & harder textiles for various batches of furniture. The mix & array of textures in your room will make sure that it points out with ease.

7- Never disregard the pillowcases

Although we are discussing upholstery fabric, the picture is not complete without the increment of pillowcases. Ironically, pillowcases can be pretty versatile & their presence also affects the look of your house décor. Choosing the best pillowcase will enhance your house décor, but choosing an odd case will make your house décor unattractive.

You can scatter in a bit of pattern & a dash of color to your patently monochromatic upholstery by selecting a fun imprint. Pillowcases go through equal stress as the upholstery; that’s why they can be of any sort of textile. Either you can select your pillowcases according to your room decor or choose anything in sharp contrast to raise more concentration to your decor.


In the case of choosing the best upholstery to enhance your house decor, the possibilities are never-ending. In case you keep in mind these above simple tips while choosing, then it is guaranteed that your house décor will enhance much more.

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