What is The Best Waterproof Fabric for Outdoor Cushions?

What is The Best Waterproof Fabric for Outdoor Cushions?

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Outdoor furniture & outdoor entertaining have evolved dramatically in the last 25 years. The outdoor upholstery fabric market has gotten increasingly creative with structure, materials, & finishing work, from a basic dining table & chairs to constructing the "outside home." This enables outdoor furniture to endure whatever the elements may throw at it. Most furniture's available on the market today can withstand the sun's harsh rays, torrential storms, as well as unexpected ketchup spills.

When purchasing outdoor furniture, it is critical to select the appropriate outdoor upholstery fabric for the cushions. It's pointless to have lovely chairs if indeed the cushions that keep them comfy are breaking apart. If you're looking for outdoor cushions, you might be thinking, "What material is waterproof?" So, we've got the answers. Here are some things to think about while picking out your waterproof pillows.

What precisely does the term "waterproof" mean?

There could be some misunderstanding here, with many people confusing waterproof outdoor upholstery fabrics and water-resistant ones.

Waterproof textiles feature firmly bonded cells, making it nearly difficult for water and any other liquid to penetrate through them. They are usually synthetic, and there is a broad variety of waterproof materials available. These outdoor upholstery fabrics are better suited to maritime applications & awnings.

Waterproof fabrics, also known as water-repellent fabrics, are often treated with just a finish that prevents water from penetrating the surface, but that is not impenetrable. These materials are more suitable for outdoor cushions.

What is the most effective waterproof fabric?

If waterproofing is your primary concern, the acrylic canvas is the ideal fabric to choose. This is the waterproof fabric utilized by the majority of high-end outdoor furniture makers today. Acrylic canvas is also suitable for harsh outdoor circumstances due to its ability to tolerate UV rays.

What Factors Influence the Waterproofness of an Outdoor Fabric?

Whenever a fabric is branded as "waterproof," it typically relates to one or more of the following waterproofing qualities:


That's the most important consideration. The absorbency of man-made fibers varies, but some are inherently hydrophobic, implying they reject water on a molecular level. Fabrics containing olefin and vinyl are ideal examples of this.


Many waterproof textiles don't repel water organically but have also been processed with specific "waterproofing" solutions or chemicals that are poured or sprinkled onto the fabric's surfaces once it has been woven. The solution (which might be composed of wax, rubber, polyvinyl chloride, or another combination) produces a coating that functions as a shield between moisture & the cloth.


High-denier and high-density textiles may resist water better than loosely woven materials. The greater the thread count & the tighter the weave of the material, the more challenging it is for water to enter the fabric.

Water-Proof Designed Fabrics

While almost every fabric might well be processed to be more water-resistant, if you need waterproof fabric for just a DIY project, you will have better luck using waterproofing materials like:

Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabric

Solution-Dyed Acrylic fabric is made with color pigments that are applied during the production process. The color is infused into the outdoor upholstery fabric rather than merely on the surface. It is UV resistant without the need for any additional ingredients, i.e., no topical treatments. It is breathable, crucial on bright summer days since you would not feel sticky and uncomfortable.

It's indeed water repellent that makes it mold resistant. As a result, you would not have to bother about ugly mildew stains or unpleasant odors.

Fabric that has been solution-dyed is simple to clean. Spot cleaning with soap & warm, not hot, water is possible. Because the cloth is pigment colored all the way thru, you may use bleach to clean a particularly dirty spot. However, you should dilute one part bleach with two parts of water & test that on an inconspicuous spot first.

Solution Dyed Olefin

Solution-dyed olefin, like solutions dyed acrylic, is a durable outdoor upholstery fabric choice. It dries quickly, is water repellent, UV & fade resistant, & will not mildew.

Outdoor olefin fabric is often less costly than acrylic fabric. However, this can vary depending on the furniture maker or brand you choose. However, if you are simply buying fabric to make your pillows, you should notice a price difference.

PVC Polyvinyl Chloride Mesh

PVC is by far the most widely used material on the planet. It is composed of plastic. A polyester thread is extruded using vinyl (PVC) to create a mesh weaved from individual yarns. It is powerful and long-lasting.

PVC is ideal if you reside in a climate with dramatic temperature swings from chilly to warm since it will not be damaged by freezing and high air temperatures. The primary distinction between olefin, PVC & acrylic textiles is that PVC is much more ridged & is outdoor upholstery fabric. Acrylic & Olefin can be designed and utilized in a three-season sunroom or as primary interior furnishings. PVC is ideal for use in the open outdoors.

Marine Vinyl

This fabric is made of PVC & polyester. It's an excellent choice for beach furnishings. If you reside near the sea, it should withstand salt air & water well. It's not like ordinary vinyl. UV protection is built into marine vinyl, making it resistant to the sun & fading. It also has anti-microbial and anti-fungal ingredients, so it does not mildew.

Warm water & dish detergent should be sufficient to clean the vinyl. Tough stains may need a little extra elbow grease, but harsh cleansers or bleach should be avoided. Scrub with such a soft bristle brush & apply pressure to obtain good results.

It can withstand heavy water & sunlight for up to Twenty years & is fairly robust. It should withstand bumps & wear well, but it's not punctured proof, so use caution when using sharp things like knives, scissors, or tools.


When you purchased the outdoor upholstery fabric, it came with a waterproof solution. You may eventually discover that waterproofing has worn off & water has begun to leak into the cushions. Applying a fresh waterproof coating is the best option for you.

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