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What to do with those fabric remnants?


What to do with those fabric remnants?  In our business, there are lots of fabric remnants -- some nicer than others.  When we have end bolts of less than a yard or two, we like to make pillows out of them.  Of course we usually don't have time to create and sew all of the pillows that we'd like; but when we do, we post them.  Our most recent addition to pillow covers was created from Roth & Tompkins fabric pattern Chester CL Black - Natural.  Recently I'd seen cute tassels on pillows in the Banner Elk area of North Caroline.  When I cut the corners off of the fabric I noticed that it looked like tassel potential.  Envision a circle cut into quarters.  So I squnched together (Southern for squeezed sort of) the tips of the circle quarter, sewed it into the corner, flipped it over, and cut it into strips.  Let me know what you think!  priced at $29.95 each.  overstockfabric@northstate.net

Chester CL Black - Natural Pillow Cover

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  • Jo Thompson