Your 101 Guide to Outdoor Fabrics!

Your 101 Guide to Outdoor Fabrics! - Overstock Upholstery Fabric

The outdoor fabrics have entirely transformed, and they are nothing like the ones that used to be available in the olden times. Outdoor fabric has come a long way from vinyl, oilcloth, and barkcloth. There are multiple varieties of these fabrics sold in the market today, which are produced out of more delicate and superior materials. The materials that are being commonly used in the fabrication of outdoor clothes include –UV-resistant polyester and 100% dyed-acrylic solutions. The outdoor fabrics have not only updated just in the sense of the material used in their production but also with the variety that they have to offer.

You will be shocked to discover how the outdoor upholstery fabrics have transformed to coordinate with your décor set up and are also available in stunning patterns, intricate patterns, and bright colors. In this article, we will try to give you as much information you require to make a purchase for the outdoor fabrics. Read on to know better!

Can the Outdoor Fabrics be used for Indoor décor purposes?

Yes, they can absolutely be used for a variety of purposes and add up to your interior décor. As a matter of fact, the interior designers suggest that outdoor fabric is one of the epic choices for interior decoration and should be inculcated more often. The outdoor fabrics serve best for homes with pets, children, or areas that receive high traffic. Also, outdoor upholstery fabrics are resistant against fading; therefore, they can be easily used with furniture that is often placed near the windows.

More often than not, we think that outdoor fabrics are particularly stiff and scratchy. But, let us tell you that the scenarios have entirely transformed, and the outdoor fabrics have traveled a long way since then. Most of the outdoor fabrics today come with jacquards and textured weaves.

Can the Indoor Fabrics be used for outdoor purposes?

No offense, but using the indoor fabrics for outdoor purposes could be a bit absurd. After all, you cannot expect your pillows or cushions to last longer or even retain the bright appearance as they were when first bought. The indoor fabric colors tend to bleed on washing and soon fade away, giving out a dull and worn-off look. However, outdoor fabric, on the other hand, is designed by keeping in mind the very fact that they need to last long and are going to exposed to a variety of challenges. And the designer always has longevity in their mind whenever he or she thinks of designing the outdoor fabrics.

The outdoor fabrics are prepared in such a way that they are made to withstand –pollen particles, dirt, mildew, UV rays, and precipitation too. They can efficiently be cleaning with the use of a brush or with the help of a simple solution of water along with mild soap. The outdoor fabrics are typically comfortable to be maintained and even go easy on your pockets in the long run.

Is there any significant difference between the different brands and types of Outdoor Fabrics?

Yes, of course! There is a considerable difference between the different types of outdoor fabrics available in the market. After all, they are not created using similar techniques and even for the same purposes. While almost all the outdoor upholstery fabrics today are created from synthetic materials, each brand has a different way of approaching the creation technique. Also, the process of manufacturing involved and the variety of texture offered by each textile blend in the outdoor fabric is utterly different.

Some of the ubiquitous outdoor fabrics types are generated from high UV resistant polyester products and 100% dyed acrylic solution fabrics. These are the types that we have already mentioned above. For the very reason that these fabrics are prepared out of synthetic fibers, they have the ability to resist mold and mildew formation. Also, each fabric brand offers you different warranties on the quality of the product.

Typically, the fabrics that are prepared from 100% dyed-acrylic solutions have a warranty of about five to six years. In contrast, the ones that are created from high-UV resistant polyesters generally last for three years. The manufacturing technique involved in the production of a specific variety of fabric is what makes it different from the others. You can find a variety of outdoor upholstery fabrics at Overstock Upholstery supplied by some of the most renowned brands.

In the solution-dyed acrylic manufacturing process of outdoor fabric, while the yarn is prepared, the color is directly added to the fibers when they are in their liquid state, which imparts a long-lasting color to the fabric. That is the reason why outdoor fabrics do not fade away quickly, even when they are exposed to harsh conditions. Generally, polyester fabrics are screen printed. However, there are certain varieties which use weaving technique for the creation of yarns that later turn into polyester outdoor fabric.

How should you choose the outdoor fabrics?

Well, choosing the right outdoor fabric for your home entirely depends on the way that you are going to put it into use. Generally, when we consult with the experts of interior design, they suggest using the woven polyester materials or the dyed acrylic solution fabrics for the purpose of making drapes and throw pillows. They say that these types of outdoor fabrics would best suit the purpose of rough use as they are prepared in such a way that they tend to last longer than usual.

Also, for the covering cushions, upholstery, or any other item that is frequently used, the dyed-acrylic solution fabrics and the woven polyester fabrics are ideally suited. Anything that is going to be exposed to the sun for long hours should be covered with polyester fabrics that offer resistance against the UV rays.

Bottom Line:

The options offered to you are abundant; however, the ultimate decision falls on you how you should be choosing your outdoor fabric and putting it to good use. Do not get confused with the plethora of options offered to you, instead have a fixed plan in your mind and work accordingly. In this manner, you will be able to pick the best fabric that is suited for your purpose, and you won’t regret your decision later. Also, in this article, we have tried to cover up as many details as possible, which would answer all your questions.

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