Your 101 Guide to match the Upholstery of your Couch

Your 101 Guide to match the Upholstery of your Couch - Overstock Upholstery Fabric

Decorating a room to create a sense of harmony or matching up the upholstery fabric with an old set of couch to bring about a balance can be a difficult task. But, not so difficult with our help! In this guide, we will talk about all the essential details that you need to consider while selecting the right P Kaufmann fabric for your sofa set. There are several factors that you need to take into consideration while deciding on the upholstery fabric. Those factors include -style of the material, its color and texture, along with the size and pattern, to create a complementary furnishing item.

Make sure to obtain a swatch of the fabric of sofa’s upholstery when you go out shopping for the additional furniture pieces, window treatments, and any other decorative accessories. In this article, we will take you through a step-by-step guide to help you select the best fabric for your sofa set. Read on to know more.

1-Consider the color coordination of the room:

Take a good look at the room in which the sofa or the piece of furniture that you are deciding to get upholstered needs to be placed. Observe the color-coding of the walls along with the floor. And then you can get ahead with the selection of the best P Kaufmann fabric for your couch. The materials by P Kaufmann offer a variety of ranges to choose from. Therefore, your task would become reasonably more natural.

You can pick hues that are two shades darker or lighter than the colors of the wall and the flooring. For instance, if the color of your room’s wall is the lighter shades of gray, you can pick upholstery fabric that complements the color, which could be –either a darker shade of gray, white, or yellow. In this way, the look of your sofa set will be enhanced further and will steal all the attention of the room without being too bold.

With wide hardwood floors and weathered planks, a rustic, oversized leather sofa will undoubtedly steal the show. To create a sense of tropical beach house, make sure to choose upholstery fabrics with some large or flashy patterns and pair them up with ceramic floor tiles.

2-Lighting set up and window placement in the room:

When you bought the window treatments, you must have color-coded it with the wall behind, which is why selecting the window treatments as your next point of reference for picking up P Kaufmann fabric would be an ideal decision to make. For example, if you have selected silk draperies for the room, you can go for upholstery fabrics that have large geometric patterns. This will add a sense of drama to the room.

Or you can also choose to create a monochromatic look in the room by using just the primary colors such as black or white. In a room with white wooden blinds for the window, add a soft textured white leather couch. Also, light fixtures are essential to add to the appearance of the room. After you have selected the fabric for your sofa set, you can make some minor changes to the light set-up of the room.

For instance, adding a suspended sparkling light or a crystal chandelier from the roof of a large room consisting of a sofa set with richly-colored velvet upholstery will altogether transform the look of the room. You can also try and set some crystal-base lamps that have satin shades atop the end tables in the place to add to the sophistication of the sofa set.   

3-Taking in the other sets of furniture in the room:

Adding benches, ottomans, or chairs into the room can be great until you have to go ahead and choose the right upholstery P Kaufmann fabric for your couch. There are so many elements that you will have to consider to make a selection. However, it has been easy this far, and we are almost at the end of the selection process. Due to the presence of a variety of assorted solids, texture, and fabric prints, visual interest is created within the room.

For complementing a gray-and-white stripe fabric that you have upholstered the armchairs with, you can choose a sofa with a modern-style statement, to create a perfectly harmonious look within the room. You can also go ahead and add an ottoman with the darker shade of gray leather upholstery. Also, add some few accenting tables that have shiny legs, and a glass top to complete the arrangement of furniture in the room.

If you have sets of heavy, distressed wooden furniture, which you wouldn’t want to lose, you don’t have to think twice about trying to fit it into your storage room. Pick those pieces of furniture up and place them in your living room along with a couch upholstered with rich tapestries or rustic leather, and create an antique look.

How to select the right accessories to match with the couch?

To further accentuate the color of your sofa set, you can go ahead and add some accessories to the room. To create a space that is harmonious and aesthetically pleasing, you will have to consider specific rules in the selection of the right accessories too. For example, positioning of the trio white candles along with assorted vases of lime shades over the mantel of the fireplace will undoubtedly accentuate the chocolate brown upholstery P Kaufmann fabric of your sofa set.

You could even consider adding some sense of visual interest to a solid-colored sofa set, by throwing some pillows of assorted shapes and size of contrasting fabric and color in each of the corner seats. You can choose to deck the walls with painted canvases or framed prints to enhance the color of your couch.

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Bottom Line:

Several factors are needed to be considered when you are shopping for upholstery fabrics. Even when you have to change the shades of the walls or the window treatments of your room, you will have to pick shades or contrast them with the upholstered P Kaufmann fabric of your sofa set. This rule applies in both situations. When all things in the room are color coordinated only then a sense of harmony will be created, which is ultimately the need of the hour. We hope that this article would have helped you in arriving at a conclusion.

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