Designer Tips to Choose The Eye-Pleasing Upholstery Embroidered Fabrics

Designer Tips to Choose Eye-Pleasing Upholstery Embroidered Fabric

If you are amateur to the vast world of upholstery, selecting the perfect embroidered fabric is definitely a difficult task with lots of considerations to review before making a final decision. With an infinite list of embroidered fabrics available online, not to mention with various designs and colors, how do you intend to select the right one for you? Choose the wrong pattern of color, and your whole interior design will be ruined. So, you need to make a smart decision to ensure optimum comfort, durability, and style for your dream property. Here are some professional designer tips for selecting the right embroidered fabric for your furniture and interiors. 

Durability Matters

If you desire to upholster something that will be used on day to day basis, then durability is a must to consider. An upholstery embroidered fabric’s durability is tested by a double rub test, which mimics the wear and tears motion over time. The higher the double rub result, the best quality, and durability you are going to receive with your upholstery fabric. In addition to the best double rub results, also look out for other quality performance indicators such as water repellant, UV resistance, stain resistance, etc. to ensure the best results. If you are selecting upholstery embroidered fabrics that will not be in use for everyday purposes, such as heirloom or decorative pieces, performance is not a crucial characteristics to consider but quality will be the primary factor to consider, which opens a wider variety of embroidered fabric options for you which include linen, silk, cotton duck, wool, and more.

The Required Fabric Care

Upholstery fabrics are mostly not suitable for traditional cleaning or dry cleaning once applied. Therefore, you must follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and search for stain repellent fabrics for long-term user purposes. Once your embroidered fabric is upholstered, you have to use spot cleaners specially created for upholstery fabric and easily available in supermarkets, or opt for an expert upholstery cleaning service. You can also use embroidered fabric protection spray to maintain them in their best condition.

Keep an Eye to the Type of Fabrics

Below, we are mentioning various types of embroidered fabrics available for upholstery purposes. They can be used solely or blended with other fabrics to offer different characteristics. With an appropriate mix, these fabrics can be made up of various different fabrics, which will also have different effects on their performance.


A classic option with great durability. Linen is breathable but less resistant to fading and stains. Not an excellent choice for everyday uses, but excellent for heirloom pieces.


Cotton embroidered fabrics are incredibly comfortable, breathable, and budget suited, but they are prone to fade.


Silk as your upholstery embroidered fabric choice could be costly, but it’s extremely strong and luxurious. Not suitable for day to day to use.


Wool embroidered fabrics offer a luxurious look, great feel, and texture. It’s also less resistant to stains and keeps its shape excellently. Time to time, it will require stain resistance treatment.


Polyester embroidered fabrics are easy and durable. It has low-to-moderate abrasion resistance. Make sure to purchase this type of embroidered fabrics with a high double rub rating, or it can pill.


Acrylic upholstery is extremely durable and has high abrasion resistance. It’s easy to clean and could be an excellent choice for everyday uses.


Rayon upholstery fabrics are not durable but offer a luxurious look to your interiors. When blended with other fabrics, it adds softness to the upholstery.


Olefin, as your upholstery embroidered fabric option, could be great heavy use. The material offers a good amount of durability, colorfast, and easy to clean also.


Nylon offers great durability and high abrasion resistance. It’s easy to clean and could be a budget-friendly option.

The Choice of Color

The choice of color is very much dependent on the type of use your furniture will go through. Natural beige colors are a very popular choice to hide dirt. Neutral colors can also match easily with various décor styles. You can use lighter solid colors to create an airy, inviting mood. Dark embroidered fabrics, colors, or patterns are usually preferred by homeowners to hide wear and dirt. If you want to make a statement in your personal space, always go with bright embroidered fabric colors with bold patterns.

Consider Your Upholsterer Design

While selecting your embroidered fabrics, don’t forget to take the share of your furniture into consideration. Interior experts recommend going with solid colored upholstery fabrics if you are selecting it for a curvaceous upholstery piece. Always choose classic neutral or rich solid color while choosing embroidered fabrics for large furniture pieces such as sofa, so that you won’t tire of the color and design over time. Bold colors, shapes, and patterns are more suitable for smaller furniture pieces. Always make sure that your chosen colors, patterns, and textures must work best together.

Always Think Outside the Box

With the wide availability of embroidered fabrics and upholstery choices, today, you are not limited to certain fabrics or designs for your selection. If you own great furniture sets or want to reflect a brand new look to your interiors and home aesthetics, then always think out of the box and make the bold choice of embroidered fabrics and unconventional designs to get an unmatched, superior look.

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