How to Keep your Ralph Lauren Wallpaper Clean

How to Keep your Ralph Lauren Wallpaper Clean - Ralph Lauren wallpaper

If you have Ralph Lauren wallpaper in your home, it’s a huge investment. The brand is synonymous with quality, uniqueness and elegance. No matter what design you choose, it will look perfect on your walls. That’s the advantage of choosing wallpapers from such a brand.

But installing wallpaper alone is not enough. You have to take a great care of it to make it last longer. It is important to clean the wallpaper so that they look pristine and well-maintained all the time. Don’t worry, you don’t need to a lot of thing to make your wallpaper look good all the time.

Here are a few tips of on how to keep your Ralph Lauren wallpaper clean and well-maintained:

Dust the Wallpapers Regularly

Dusting the wallpapers on a regular basis can help you keep it clean. Dust, cobwebs, dirt and other things can make your walls look unclean. Simply dusting the walks can make them look clean. There is no point in installing a Ralph Lauren wallpaper if you cannot keep them looking their best. One of the easiest ways to keep your wallpaper looking great is to dust them regularly. It will keep the dust from settling in. Plus, it will reduce the workload later as dust when left alone for long can cause discoloration.

Make sure to use a soft cloth, dusting broom with fiber cloth or a duster to dust the wallpapers. It will ensure that the walls are free of dust without causing any damage.

Use Spot Cleaning to Remove Fingerprints

Fingerprints on the walls or wallpaper is inevitable. No matter how much you try, they are bound to get finger prints. Luckily, you can get rid of fingerprints as well as smudges with the help of spot cleaning. You can use artist gum eraser. They are highly useful in cleaning those fingerprints. Or you can use dry sponge, which removes the smudges and prints without adding moisture to the wallpaper.

Avoid using abrasive cleaning solution or tools as it can damage the fabrics of the wallpaper. Make sure to use safe cleaning solution for cleaning the wallpapers and walls too. Even durable wallpapers can suffer due to harsh cleaning products.

Wipe your Wallpaper

When it comes to cleaning Ralph Lauren wallpaper, it is important to use safe cleaning solution. It is true for all types of wallpapers. Wiping with a solution of water and soap works for most of the surfaces including carpets. It is one of the most effective ways to clean wallpapers. Wiping down the wallpapers will help remove dust, dirt and all the residue. It will also help remove contaminants from it.

Before using a cleaning solution, always consult the user manual on how to clean the wallpapers. Or do a patch test to see if the cleaning solution causes any damage. While you are at it, make sure to use safe cleaning products that do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Get it Professionally Cleaned

You should get your wallpapers cleaned by professionals as part of your annual cleaning routine. It will make sure that your wallpapers are cleaned safely. Not just that, it will increase its efficiency, and life-span too. Apart from that, it will also help increase its aesthetic appeal. When you have Ralph Lauren wallpaper on your walls, you don’t need much to do. But a few small things can make a huge difference the way your wallpapers and everything look. Make sure that the wallpapers are properly installed in the first place. Do it yourself or get professional installer to do the job.

The Bottom Line

There are so many ways you can keep your Ralph Lauren wallpaper in top-notch condition. From regular dusting to cleaning with a solution, you can choose from many different methods to keep your wallpaper in good condition. Always make sure to use safe cleaning methods and products on your wallpaper.

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