How to Pick the Right Pillow

How to Pick the Right Pillow – Overstock Fabrics

If you wake-up in the morning and think “I must have slept funny”, its highly likely that you need a pillow change. Having the right pillow can make all the difference to the sleep quality. Neck pain, and muscles cramps can happen when you don’t have the right pillow. Which is why, you need to be more careful the next time you choose a pillow.

There are so many options available from various name brands like Curated Kravet. You can not only choose a pillow, but you can choose a pillow cover to make it personalized. Finding the right pillow is easy when you know what to look for.

So, here are some tips on finding that perfect pillow.

Need for the Right Pillow?

Having the right pillow or pillows is important for getting proper sleep. You neck, shoulder and spine need proper support so that you can enjoy restful night. If your pillow is not supportive, you will have stiffness in the body and pain in the neck. It can even affect the alignment of your spine. Muscles stiffness will make it difficult for you to sit in the office. Plus, loss of quality sleep will make you feel tired and irritated.

Considering all the bad things that can happen when you don’t have the right pillows, finding the right one become even more important.

How to Choose the Perfect Pillow?

  1. Fillers

This is probably the most important feature for many people. The fill in the pillows determines its softness and hardness. You can choose from all sorts of fillers, such as down, foam, synthetic down, polyester fill, latex, wool, cotton and more.

Down pillows are very popular as they are light and soft. They are usually made from duck or goose fibers. Then here is synthetic down or polyester which are less expensive. Choose the fill as per your convenience and what your body likes. Some people sleep better with softer pillows while some feel more comfortable with a little stiff one.

  1. Weight of the Pillow

Weight of the pillow matters and totally depends on your personal preference. For instance, if you want a pillow that can easily fit your form then down windows are for you.

You can choose a heavier option too like the latex or memory foam pillow. They are a bit sturdy and don’t lose their form that easily. They are perfect if you want to support your legs. Choose the weight of the pillows as per your needs. You can switch them when you like.

Curated Kravet have some wonderful down pillows that can easily meet your needs. In fact, you can choose from various well-known brands to create a comfortable sleeping environment.

  1. Fabric of the Pillow

Having the right pillow fabric is equally important for comfort. Even when you are using pillowcases, you still need to pay attention to the quality of the fabric. Always make sure that the material is durable and breathable. Your face will be resting on it so you don’t want something that is uncomfortable.

As for the pillow covers, make sure that is comfortable to sleep on. You want them to look great, but it shouldn’t interfere with the comfort. Some brands like Curated Kravet offers the best combination of style and comfort. The outer fabric is as comfortable as the inner ones.

Make sure that you choose something that is very comfortable, breathable and will keep your neck well-supported.

  1. Size of the Pillows

The size of the pillows will depend on the size of the bed you have and personal preference. Some people love the standard size while others love the king size. Make sure that when you have a king size bed for king size pillows.

it is important to choose pillows size as per your needs. Your comfort is very important and you don’t want to compromise on it.

  1. Price

Always for affordable solutions without compromising on the quality front. Quality and affordability are not hard to find if you choose then right brand. For instance, Curated Kravet is known for its exceptional quality, style and designs. And, you can buy its pillows without breaking the bank. It is important that you pay attention to quality of the pillow and choose the one that matches your price range too. Look in the right places and you will find them.

The Bottom-line

So, these are some of the ways you can choose the perfect pillow for you home. Finding the right pillow is very important for comfort and better sleep. Make sure that you consider all the important things when you are looking for the right pillow.

Overstock Fabric offers a wide range of pillows and pillow fabrics form various brands. We have an amazing collection of pillows from brands like Curated Kravet. You can choose from a wide range of colors, designs and fills to find that is perfect for your neck and body.

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