How to select the best overstock wallpaper for your home décor needs?

How to select the best overstock wallpaper for home décor -Overstock Upholstery Fabric

Something that was once considered not perfect for the home décor is today’s standard for any household. More and more people are opting to add beautiful wallpapers to their walls, depending on the theme of their décor. However, if you are looking for a first time purchase of the overstock wallpaper, you need to follow certain guidelines to make the best purchase.

By now, you might probably be wondering whether your choice comes with a consequence. Would your choice gel well with the rest of the décor? Would it actually look good for your home?

To answer all your queries, here is a complete blog for you to guide through your wallpaper décor needs!

Select Wallpaper That Matches Your Room Style

The very first thing you need to consider when styling your room is to confirm whether or not it matches the style of your room.

  • If you are planning on making the décor rather romantic, you might be well off with delicate damasks & floral patterns that are lined with fine pastel colors.
  • Now, if you are going with a casual look, you could go for the faux finishes like stucco or beadboard. Try to keep things simple, and you might also pair it with the organic & floral flowing designs that will create a relaxed environment. You can get such an amazing collection for your home décor by choosing the overstock wallpaper.
  • If your choice for the day is fashion-forward or contemporary, you might consider opting for bold geometrics that comes with a high gloss & metallic accents. You can also go with bold florals and large-scale designs that have been in fashion for the year.
  • For the ones that love the traditional décor look, you might want to check out the intricate stripes and damasks available with overstock wallpaper. These designs will surely coordinate perfectly and sync in with the traditional décor or furnishing.

How can you use the wallpaper in your room?

In the next step to your overstock wallpaper buying process, you have to plan on the use of your wallpaper in the perfect way. Not all styles work in a way similar to each other. Each wallpaper has its own use and placement requirements.

Here are some of the ways to use the overstock wallpaper:

  • Cover all your walls:

A simple and classic stripe design that is hung in a horizontal manner on all your four walls can give your house a fresh & contemporary look. Large-scale & simple designs in the house will help take off any overwhelming effect in the room. Not just that, it adds a kind of trendy twist to the home décor.

  • One wall feature décor:

Choose a bold and dramatic pattern to introduce a sense of highlight to a specific section of your room. This could be either behind the bed or sofa. Overstock wallpaper designs that come with a bit of metallic, gloss, or mica will surely introduce a glamorous and classy touch to your overall decor.

  • Make your ceiling interesting:

Wallpapers, as the name says, aren’t just meant for the walls, you can also use it to beautify your ceiling. Whether it is a metallic shade or something matte, stylish overstock wallpaper will surely make things shine in just the perfect way. Also, you can achieve some amazing Victorian-style look for your ceiling.

Your Choices in Backing Paper

After you have determined the style and color of your pattern, it is better to select a pattern that is best for wallpapers of varying kinds. Wallpaper of the non-woven kind of backing can be completely strippable whenever there is a desire for change.

The overstock wallpapers are easy when it comes to application. With a high-quality backing paper, you can directly apply the wallpaper to the same. Not just that, the perfect wallpaper type will help reduce the decoration time by half when compared to the regular wallpapers.

Avoid Going for Small Patterns

If you are trying to add wallpapers to your room for the very first time, you need to avoid the small patterns to avoid a mismatch. This is due to the fact that the use of small patterns could be difficult to match perfectly if your walls or ceilings are too big for a single wallpaper to cover.

Textured vs. Flat Patterns

Selecting a textured or flat design tends to be all about the personal style. In simple terms, the textured patterns tend to add in a rather casual look to the room. Adding flat designs to the walls makes the wall rather refined.

Textured overstock wallpaper can add a hint of dimension to your walls & also cover up any imperfections on your walls. Some of the textured wallpapers also tend to be paintable to help achieve a monochrome look. The real patterns of the textured wallpapers tend to be minimally detailed as compared to the flat patterns.

With the flat wallpapers, one has the choice of introducing fine details to the design & embellishments like gloss, metallic, as well as mica effects. If your wall has imperfections, but you still want to use the flat look for the same, using the wall liners as base layers can provide added coverage as per requirement.

How much overstock wallpaper do you need?

When buying overstock wallpaper for your home décor, you need to follow this particular guide:

  • Measure all the walls & multiply its width by its height for each wall in terms of feet
  • Add all these measurements in order to yield your total sq.ft. in wallpaper you require
  • Deduct the doors, windows, as well as other massive openings in your room/house
  • Check the label on the roll to ensure that it covers the square foot required to cover your house
  • It is always wise to buy a few foot extra just in case

Single roll and double rolls are merely for industry terms. So, it is better to determine the amount of wallpaper by checking out the coverage in terms of the square foot.


One thing you should keep in mind when purchasing overstock wallpaper is to check for the quality of the material. Although, during an online purchase, you might not get the chance to check the quality of the wallpaper, you can determine the authenticity of the brand. In order to do so, you need to check the online reviews of the brand and ensure that the products provided by them are of the topmost quality. With good quality overstock wallpaper, you can easily transform your house in a vintage, rustic, contemporary, traditional, or transitional look.

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