How to take care of different P Kaufmann Fabrics?

How to take care of your P Kaufmann Fabric?

How to take care of different P Kaufmann Fabrics?

Sofa and upholstery fabrics do get dirty, and you cannot ignore this as dust, dirt, food crumbs, worms, and other things find their way into sofa corners. Also, liquid spills like wine stains stick to fabrics, and it becomes difficult to get rid of them if it stays for a long time. Therefore, it becomes more important if you have P Kaufmann Fabric upholstery on your sofas.

These fabrics are quite popular for couches and sofas. People are fascinated by big brands, P Kaufmann is the one for you. Its wide selection of designs, colours, and, most importantly, patterns are something to look for. In addition, the fabrics are made of premium quality and long-lasting raw materials.

However, sourcing premium quality materials don't guarantee your sofa or couch will remain stain-free and not get dirty. Thus, keeping this furniture clean is very important for hygiene and cleanliness purposes. We have listed a few ways of how to take off your P Kaufmann fabric upholstery. Here is how you can clean them.

Best ways to take care of your P Kaufmann Fabric upholstery

Cleaning a sofa is no rocket science and can be done very easily without encountering any major hassle. You can choose professional cleaning services or opt for DIY methods to get the best results. When it comes to P Kaufmann fabrics, there are different types of tried and tested methods that will make sure your fabrics can be cleaned to the fullest:

  • Woven polyester upholstery

Different types of woven polyester upholstery fall under this section of woven upholstery. For regular maintenance, occasional vacuuming and light dusting with an upholstery attachment or soft brush are enough to get rid of surface dust and prevent any dust buildup.

For spot cleaning, you can either employ solvent-based or water-based spot cleaning to treat stains and spills promptly. All you have to do is start by blotting spills with water detergent and then with a solvent cleaner if need be.

  • Woven velvet upholstery

When it comes to woven velvet upholstery fabrics or the one containing some amount of rayon, viscose or cotton. Just like the polyester ones, these can be cleaned by light dusting and occasional vacuuming for regular maintenance. For spot cleaning, you should only use water-free solvent cleaning agents. Make sure to pretest in an unnoticeable area before proceeding. For extensive staining, refer to a professional cleaning service.

  • Woven outdoor upholstery

For P Kaufmann Fabric upholstery used for outdoor furniture, use mild soap solution for regular care and maintenance. Use the solution and lightly agitate for removing the spots and stains. It is recommended to clean the whole surface area for avoiding water rings and discolouration. However, do not use any solvents or dry clean. Also, rinse thoroughly in order to remove any kind of cleaner residue that can build and attract dirt.

It would help to prepare a dilute bleach solution for problem stains by using a 10:1 ratio of water and bleach (sodium hypochlorite). Make sure you don't use any gentle bleach or perforate.

  • Coated upholstery

Under this section comes fabrics with vinyl/PVC, polyurethane, or silicone face. These fabrics should be kept away from direct sunlight and heat, except if they are designed for indoor or outdoor use. You can do occasional vacuuming with a soft brush attachment or wipe with a moist sponge for regular maintenance; thus, it will prevent any dust buildup and remove the surface dust.

You have to use blot liquid spills with a clean and dry cloth with a mild detergent solution for spot cleaning. In case of heavy stains, you can go for a soft cloth, water solution, and

25% isopropyl alcohol or 10% household bleach. You can also go for solvent spray cleaners for persistent marks.

  • Window upholstery fabrics

Finished drapery, blackout products, and sheer are some of the window upholstery fabrics. In these fabrics, dry cleaning is recommended. However, for spot cleaning, you should use water-free, solvent cleaning agents. For best results, it is best to opt for a professional cleaning service.

For window roller shades, you should use soft brush vacuum cleaning and strictly avoid water or solvent-based cleaners

  • Living room and bedroom upholstery fabrics

In this category comes decorative pillows and bedding items. In the case of decorative pillows, do light dusting and occasional vacuuming with upholstery attachment or soft brush for cleaning the surface dust and preventing buildup. For spot cleaning, use water-based or mild solvent cleaning agents. The same applies in the case of bedding items such as coverlets, pillowcases, shams, top sheets, duvets, showers, and bed scarves.

Machine wash or dry cleaning is recommended when it comes to items related to the bottom of the bed, such as sluggers, ned skirts, and box spring covers. In case dry cleaning is not possible, you can employ different methods for different fabrics. For example, if it is cotton blended or polyester fabric, it can be washed inside the machine. Do not use chlorine bleach or fabric softeners. Also, avoid overloading the washing machine and promptly remove the fabrics to prevent wrinkles.

These are some of the tips and techniques to keep the P Kaufmann fabric upholstery in top-notch condition. Use them in an appropriate manner and keep your furniture in good condition.


If you own a luxurious sofa or couch with P Kaufmann fabric upholstery, you can keep it clean and well-maintained for a long time with the correct approach. Employing DIY cleaning with professional cleaning services will make sure your sofa is clean and stain-free every time.

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