Mohair upholstery fabric: Why is it the preferred textile for decor?

Mohair upholstery fabric: Why is it the preferred textile for decor? - Overstock Upholstery Fabric

Mohair is a popular variant of upholstery fabric that dates back as far as the start of the 8th century. Known for its durability and high luster, it is among the most resilient and long-lasting variants of natural fibers. It is also considered eco-friendly given the scope for sustainability. Another crucial factor that makes mohair upholstery fabric an amazing option is its knack to absorb dyes. Mohair is known to reflect colors in a rich and saturated form making it best for upholstery if you are going for classic or contemporary looks for home decor.

What is Mohair upholstery fabric?

Mohair is an exceptional variant of fiber which is usually extracted from Angora goat’s hairs. Its smooth fibers add a distinctive luster and shine to the upholstery while catering a desirable look during formal or informal occasions like cocktail parties or black-tie events. These fabrics tend to be crease-resistant.

Originally, Mohair came from Turkey. In this country, the fabric was considered valuable and exclusive, which made it available only for the elite. Exports for Mohair upholstery fabric started back in the 19th century, and it was not long before it was termed the highly sought-after upholstery fabric all over the globe. Today, the top producer of Mohair is South America with Texas ranking a close second.

Due to its luxurious quality and high sheen, it is also termed a “diamond fiber” and used in along with different upholstery fabrics as contrasting features.

How is mohair fabric produced?

Mohair upholstery fabric is acquired from the long & silky hairs of the beautiful Angora goat, which is sheared two times per year. Each Angora goat is known to produce around 8 to 12 pounds of mohair during each cycle. The next step for production of the fiber involves cleaning and removal of dirt. This material is carded to be blended with various fibres. The process of carding is completed by passing the fibres through the rollers covered with wire-based teeth which helps in creation of thin fiber webs. Finally, the fibre is spun into single yarn to be knitted or weaved into a bigger section of loom that creates the fabric.

Why is Mohair Appreciated by upholstery Connoisseurs?

With a combination of remarkable characteristics, Mohair is surely what you can call a perfect piece of fabric for upholstery needs. Its line of remarkable characteristics include:

  • Durability:

Mohair is one natural fiber that will outlast cotton, cashmere, and wool. Exceeding similar upholstery fabrics, Mohair upholstery fabric has been known to last so long given its extreme durability. With this particular upholstery fabric, it is almost impossible to pill, wrinkle, or mat. This fabric is known to be extremely resilient.

  • Dirt Resistance:

The fiber woven in Mohair tends to be silky smooth and long. This prevents any dirt or grime from being trapped inside the hidden corners of the textile.

  • Absorbent and Insulator:

Mohair comes with amazing insulating properties. It serves as the perfect upholstery fabric for cooler as well as warmer climates. It can also be used for the amazing absorbent qualities when used for theatre upholstery and drapery curtains. Mohair also holds dye very well with multiple saturated colors.

  • Luster:

It is also known for the sheen and plushness it renders. Mohair is mostly used for upholstery fabric, given its natural shine and luster.

Why is Mohair so popular among upholstery fabrics?

The actual answer lies within the properties of Mohair as an upholstery fabric. This particular fabric houses fewer scales in the outer layer as opposed to sheep wool. Mohair is also soft to touch, which makes it amazing for users that are sensitive and find the sheep-based woolen fabric itchy. In addition to that, mohair fabric is insulating without actually absorbing heat. This means it can be used for regulation of the body temperature. It wicks away the moisture content from the person using this upholstery fabric when sitting or sleeping on it for a long time.

Even though it is light in weight, the fabric is known to be remarkably sturdy and lasts for years to come.


Mohair upholstery fabric serves as the perfect fabric to be used when designing decor for customers that want to live in a comfortable yet rich environment while keeping it stylish at the same time. If you love bright rooms with vibrant colors, make sure mohair is your go-to fabric for upholstery requirements. Take a look at the vibrant colors available in our pattern Luxe Mohair.

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