Velvet Upholstery Fabric: A Guide to Sophisticated Decor

Velvet Upholstery Fabric: A Guide to Sophisticated Decor - Overstock Upholstery Fabric

Velvet in itself is full of glamour and is striking enough to catch the eye of someone entering the room where it’s used.  The origin of velvet began in China dating back 4500 years ago.  During the 14th and 15th centuries, Italy began creating velvets as well. During that period, only the wealthiest of people were able to afford Velvet Upholstery Fabric. However, the scenario is quite different now, while velvet hasn’t yet lost its super luxurious charm, it is much more affordable today.   Especially on Overstock Fabrics.

So why and how did velvet material end up being used by the Renaissance royalty uniformly? Well, it is said that though the silk it was made of was exceptional, the complexity of constructing the material made it more scarce. Velvets have cut loops rather than continuous weaves like other silk and cotton plains.

Different Types of Velvet Fiber

Velvet can be woven from a variety of materials some including natural fibers (e.g., wool, mohair, linen, cotton), synthetic products (e.g., viscose, polyester), or cellulose. Listed below are some of the most common kinds of Velvet Upholstery Fabric.

  • Linen Velvet

Linen Velvet has an impression of dry and matte finishing which works exceptionally well with dyes, and therefore, imparts a rich coloring. The texture of Linen Velvet has irregular subtle stripes on it because of the linen yarns from which the fabric is prepared with its different thicknesses.   We use linen velvet on our linen sofa at home and it’s amazing how well it holds up.  My husband spilled his cup of coffee on our ivory linen velvet from Clarence House and it cleaned right up.  Amazing and fortunate for him!

  • Silk Velvet

Silk Velvet is considered to be the finest quality of fabric that has ever been created. It has a very soft and smooth finish. And, the lustrous appearance of the material creates a sheen. Do not use the Silk Velvet on pieces requiring heavy usage or that are constantly exposed to sunlight. Occasionally we receive silk velvets as Overstocks and are thrilled when we do. 

  • Wool Velvet

Wool Velvet is prepared from woolen fiber and is commonly known as Wool Velvet. It  is highly durable and resilient. When you touch Wool Velvet Upholstery Fabric it projects a warm feeling and is greator places with cold climates. But, for the warmer regions, it is not that great a choice.

  • Cotton Velvet

Cotton Velvet crushes without any difficulty; thus, the fabric is often amalgamated with polyester fiber so that its resilience is improved. It usually has a matte finish.  To improve its luster and strength, it can be blended with viscose.

  • Cellulose Velvet:

Cellulose is a natural fiber that is obtained from wood pulp and other plant parts and is very commonly used in the manufacturing of velvet. Velvet that is prepared out of cellulose is very soft and imparts a lustrous look making it competitive with other varieties.

  • Mohair Velvet:

This kind of velvet is prepared from the hair of Angora goats. And, the material is highly durable resisting crushing and dirt. If you are looking for Velvet Upholstery Fabric for regular and heavy duty use, then our pattern Luxe Mohair Velvet should be your ultimate choice. Although Mohair Velvet has a bit of sheen, it doesn’t have a lustrous or shiny appearance.

Maintenance of Velvet

Velvet Upholstery Fabric may be challenging in its maintenance. It certainly requires more attention than any other fabric but arguably the attention Velvet requires is undoubtedly worth it.

Certain things that you can do to avoid getting crush marks on the fabric:

  • Keep rotating your cushions on a regular interval to prevent pressure marks in the regions where they rest on each other.
  • It would be wise to brush your furniture with soft-bristled brush or velvet brush every week in the direction of the nap.
  • You should plump your cushions regularly so that they look fat and are free of any wrinkles.
  • You should not place any hard objects like a book or a TV remote on the sofa for a very long time. These items can create crushing marks on the Velvet Upholstery Fabric.

If you are unable to prevent the crush marks, there are some repairs available that you can use to maintain the velvet material properly:

  • You need to brush the fabric regularly yet smoothly in the direction of the nap with the help of a soft clothes brush or velvet brush.
  • There are various upholstery maintenance companies out there, you can always call them up and get some expert tips to maintain the fabric.
  • If your fabric cleaning code permits the use of water-based solvents you can spray a little water and brush it with a gentle brush.

Bottom Line

Velvet Upholstery Fabric can completely change the appearance of your room’s furniture, which will, in turn, enhance the look of the room in which it is placed. Although Velvet is  comparatively high maintenance and needs to be taken care of very precisely, it is certainly worth the work. So what are you waiting for? Get the classiest fabric there is and manipulate your room into something as magnanimous as Velvet upholstered furniture.

All set to create a room with sophistication? At Overstock Upholstery Fabric we are ready to cater to your needs with a plethora of Velvet Upholstery fabric. To have a look at all the varieties that we have in store you can visit our website and search Velvet, call us at (336) 885-4535, or simply mail us

The names of some Stocked and Cut Velvet patterns that we carry on a regular run basis include:



Brussels Stria

Cheeky Velvet

Elio (linen velvet)


Luxe (mohair)


Regal (silk velvet)