Top 6 Brilliant DIYs with Leftover Upholstery Fabric for Thanksgiving 2019

Top 6 Brilliant DIYs with Leftover Upholstery Fabric for Thanksgiving 2019

Did you forget to get a gift for your loved ones for Thanksgiving 2019? Well, fret not! You can also go for some clever DIY options to create that perfect Thanksgiving gift. If you are an upholstery enthusiast who loves to create new décor styles every now and then, you must have a gigantic pile of leftover fabric to deal with. So, what can you do with this pile? Yes, you got it right, these scrap materials can be used to create amazing DIYs that can serve as the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Everyone appreciates a gift that comes from the heart, and nothing spells “Customized” better than a DIY gift item. So, if you are wondering how you can use the upholstery fabric as gift items, here are some quick ideas to help you out.

1- Books with Fabric Cover:

If anyone in your family is a reader, they will surely have a huge collection of books that have been catching dust for long. This is where you come into the scenario. You can use your leftover fabrics to create beautiful book covers for Thanksgiving 2019. How can you do that? Well, the first thing you need to do is clean up the books to avoid any dust being caught inside the cover. Now, cut out the fabric according to the shape of the book with 1 inch extra on each side. Bring in a strong glue and paste the fabric on top. Create proper folds to ensure there is no unnecessary fabric hanging around. You can deck this cover with cute stickers or name the book with your experience in Caligraphy. Trust us your loved one will surely be surprised when they see a total change of their bookshelf.

2- Scented Sachets:

Who doesn’t love a collection of assorted scents that have been compiled especially for them? For this gift to work, you need to find out the scents loved by your family members. Now, this could be the best Thanksgiving 2019 gift for your loved one if you get to know what their likes and dislikes are. Scented sachets are prepared with help of fresh-smelling seeds of things such as Lavender or fennel seeds. Make sure you subtly ask for the favorites of the one you want to gift this to. Now create small sachets from the leftover upholstery fabric and keep a small opening on one side. With use of a funnel, add in these seeds or other scented sources and seal up the sachet. Gift this collection to your mother or wife to be tossed into different chambers of your wardrobe or to be kept inside the purse. They will surely love your efforts.

3- Wall Hangings with Fabric:

Wouldn’t you love a small DIY version of your upholstery fabric hanging on the walls? If your mom has been the one who addresses the needs for any changes in house décor, this could be just what she needs to amp up the look. Try to find some old embroidery hoops and tighten the leftover fabric into the same. If the fabric already has prominent designs sewn into it, leave them as they are. If the fabric is too plain to be hung up. You might have to add some embellishments or embroider it yourself if you know how to. You can hang them with the use of the grooves present in the embroidery hoop. A combination of rainbow colors will go amazing with a room that has a white backdrop. So, this Thanksgiving 2019, impress your family members with this amazingly creative gift.

4- Bowties:

Now, who doesn’t love a stylish bowtie to be paired with a formal outfit? If you have a brother or father who loves to dress it up with formals, this could be just what they need. Whether you have a beautiful fabric with polka dots or solid colored fabric that goes well with their favorite blazer, a bowtie is gift that takes minimal time. If you do not know how to create a bowtie, you can always look through the tutorials online to get an idea. Make sure you choose a color palette that is adored by the one you are gifting it to.

5- Reusable Fabric Bag:

What can be better than an eco-friendly bag that has been designed to be used for years to come? With a reusable fabric bag, you are doing both, helping Mother Nature and creating the excellent Thanksgiving 2019 gift. Every time one goes to the local mart, paying for a bag can be an added expense. You can take the load off this unwanted expense by gifting your loved ones a cute reusable fabric bag that can be carried around anywhere with style. Remember to layer it up for maximum durability and add some of your own customizations with trinkets or glittery designs added to the same.

6- Bedside Rug:

Here is another use for your leftover upholstery fabric. You can make a cute yet useful rug out of the same to be used for the bedside or maybe the front door. You can sew together all the small pieces of fabric together in an old mat that isn’t being used for long. Make sure you customize the colored pieces that go into the design as per the room décor. If you are having trouble choosing the perfect design for this Thanksgiving 2019 gift, you can always look through YouTube tutorials to help you out.


After you are done decorating your upholstery, you surely wouldn’t want to throw those beautiful leftover fabrics away. With these quick DIYs, you can make the best of those leftovers and prepare wonderful gifts for Thanksgiving 2019. If you are someone who doesn’t have any upholstery fabric leftover, you can always order new ones to create amazing DIY gifts.

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