How to avoid bubbles when placing your wallpaper on the wall?

How to avoid bubbles when placing your wallpaper on the wall?

If you want to add some sparkle to your otherwise dull-looking house, you should definitely go for some vibrant and printed wallpaper for your walls. It has brought a revolution in the world of home décor. It is widely preferred by house owners nowadays. Ralph Lauren wallpaper can add another level of charm to your rooms. However, people face some real-time challenges while installing wallpaper. These silly mistakes can ruin the entire look.

This is why we’ve curated this guide, especially for all the wallpaper lovers or people who are ready to hop into the trend. By the time you finish reading this article, you will have all the essential information to prevent the formation of bubbles while placing the wallpapers.

  1. Fill all the gaps and holes

No doubt you’ve got the best wallpaper from the market to place on your wall. However, the presence of gaps and holes will ruin the look of the wall, making it look uneven. So, before placing paper, look out for gaps and holes in the wall. If you find any, make sure to smooth down for better wallpaper placing. Apart from that, it would be best if you also waited for the walls to dry completely. This is one of the best ways to avoid the formation of bubbles.

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  1. Choosing the correct paste

Choosing the correct adhesive is another crucial part of ensuring the smooth finish of the wallpaper. Factors such as type, thickness, and weight of the wallpaper matter a lot when choosing the right paste. The wallpaper might not stick properly if an inappropriate paste is used. This will lead to the formation of bubbles. In some cases, it might also end up damaging the wall. Doing the proper research before choosing your adhesive will help you prevent this mess. Also, it’s advised not to use the old paste as it has already lost most of its adhesive properties.


  1. Smoothening the wallpaper

Another major reason for the formation of bubbles is not smoothening out the wallpaper as you place it. Whether you’re using Ralph Lauren wallpaper or any ordinary wallpaper, this problem is unavoidable. While placing the wallpaper, if you notice the formation of bubbles, lift the wallpaper again and smooth it down properly. You’ll notice that the air bubbles have been reduced slightly but not completely. Most people expect to eliminate the bubbles by pricking them. However, this further worsens the situation by forming even more creases. So, we would advise against it.

  1. Alignment is necessary

Despite having very steady hands and focus, your wallpaper might not be aligned perfectly. This is one of the major reasons behind the appearance of bubbles on your wallpaper. The only way to tackle the situation is to remove the strip completely and apply it again. Avoid pushing or pulling the wallpaper as it might tear, stretch, or weaken the paper. It would be best to keep in mind not to reapply as it will continuously hamper the wallpaper pattern.

  1. Prepping the surface of the wall

The naked wall also needs to be well-prepared before applying adhesive and wallpaper. All the paper scraps, dust, debris, shavings, and extra-adhesives must be removed first. If you make sure to follow this step, you wouldn’t be introduced to lumps underneath once the wallpaper is placed. Apart from that, you should also make sure to free the wall from any previous paints, grease or other impermeable substances. One way to make the wall adhesive-ready is to sand the rough surface lightly. This will prevent the shrinkage of wallpaper once it dries.

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  1. Allow the wallpaper to dry completely

People have the wrong conception when it comes to drying the wallpaper. Several factors decide the drying period of the wallpaper, such as wall covering, condition of the surface, atmospheric condition, and adhesive used. The drying period might last between two to seven days. Unfortunately, people often turn on the heating during the drying period, leading to shrinkage and gaps in the wallpaper. Avoid making this mistake and give enough time to dry completely.


The majority of problems people face while hanging wallpaper, such as the formation of bubbles, are completely avoidable. However, you need to have the right amount of research by your side when you go for wallpaper placement. Using certain tips and tricks will assure a smooth experience of wallpaper installation for you! Now that you are well-versed in tackling the bubble situation, we wish you all the best.

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