How to avoid dust collection on your upholstery fabric?

How to avoid dust collection on your upholstery fabric?

Many researchers have found out that dust can be a source of asthma & asthma-like symptoms. The pathogen chemicals based in the dust, termed as endotoxins, can cause wheezing & asthma in adults. It has also been discovered that dust mites & dust particles might contribute to the existence of allergies in houses.

Fighting dust is a regular battle, & being prepared to stand up to it is important. Dust coating your furniture reverts, which can be irritating to often remove, but it is a new tier of troublesome when it pays off into the upholstery fabric around your house.

The most common elements are dust, debris, & dirt that cling to your upholstery fabric & need to be washed immediately. Otherwise, letting dust accumulate for a long period will leave your fabric looking dingy & dull, and though wrapping it in a cover of plastic will help somehow, but it’s specifically not an appealing way to relish your upholstery.

The less the presence of dust in your home, the more healthy & cheerful the people in the home are. Woefully, it is not so simple to abolish it. Since many sorts of fabric are around your house, there are many various ways of avoiding dust out of your upholstery fabric.

  • Buying the right fabric

Let’s confront it! Having a light-colored fabric is a little ambitious; notably, if you have children or pets at home, then you’re putting the upholstery at great risk of being dirty. While there’s a broad array of attractive upholstery fabrics available in different textures, colors, & patterns, it is better to go for the one that sticks out in terms of stain resistance as well as durability.

Cotton fabrics are resistant to wear & tear as well as easy to maintain & can be washed easily in case specks of dust get collected. Similarly, you can use velvet & linen if you are looking for easy maintenance. Silk can be a better option as it is dust resistant & its smooth surface will look rich with your Overstock wallpaper.

  • Changing your day-to-day habit

Improving your day-to-day habits at the house can be a giant step in helping avoid dust on your upholstery. Consider banning dry food or snacks being consumed when you are on the upholstery because, as far as your mind to deny it, then it can be the basic causes of collection of waste, which later makes the fabric looks dusty. 

Additionally, if you have a pet at the house, then consider keeping their attention away from upholstery because sometimes pets coming in contact with fabric leave dust carried by them on your fabric.

Sometimes, while you’re out of the house, forgetting to close your windows can let outdoor dust enter your house and make your upholstery fabric dirty. Therefore, try to avoid it at all costs.

  • Calling a fabric Cleaning Professional

Beyond all other measures, it is sometimes best to have a specialist clean your upholstered fabrics on a routine basis. 

It is preferred to have this done, to say the least, every six to twelve months & never wait for the fabric to get visibly dusty & dirty. Always remember that the dustier your upholstery fabric becomes, the bigger the risks of dust settling around it & the tougher it is to reinstate your fabric to its prior glory.

If you don’t know how to clear dust & avoid them, then it’s highly recommended that you call a professional fabric cleaner to do the job.

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  • Cleaning tips

Get rid of dust from your upholstery fabric by giving them a proper shake & beating them with a stick or against a pole. This helps remove the thick upper-layer dust, which is essential to do before utilizing other effective methods.

Wash all dusty cleanable in your washing machine, in no less than 130 degrees Fahrenheit of water. Read the tag for each fabric to ensure whether it is a laundry machine safe or not. Dry the upholstery fabric in accordance with the directions on the tag.

Vacuum your upholstery to get rid of dust from the fabric. You can also use a mini-vac or a tubing attachment to clean your couch pillows. Since couch pillows are dense, the vacuum solely doesn’t remove deeply rooted dust particles. The mobility of mini-vacs grants them to function well for getting rid of dust from the upholstery fabric.


It doesn’t matter what sort of material your fabric is made of & the type of upholstery it’s been covered with; the settlement of dust generally caused by your pets & daily use might result in permanent detriment of fabrics. The above blog will help you avoid it if you take a thorough read at it.

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