How to pair the overstock wallpaper with your home décor?

How to pair overstock wallpaper with home décor? - Overstockupholsteryfabric

Let’s start by picturing any of the rooms in your home; did you have the walls vividly figured out in your imagination? If the answer isn’t affirmative, it’s time that you spruced up the walls of your rooms. Typically, our primary concern is about what is between the walls. We spend maximum time while designing the interiors of our house by fussing over the furniture, the fabric used, and other decorative accessories. Seldom do we consider changing the looks of the walls to attract all the focus onto them.

The impact of richly patterned overstock wallpaper or a beautifully colored wall is often underrated. This article is written to enlighten you about the power wallpapers can have in your interior décor and how can you improve the aesthetics of an area by rightfully pairing up the wallpapers with the furnishings.

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Selecting wallpaper to pair up with the room’s style:

To enhance the appearance of a room with the use of overstock wallpaper, you will have first to consider its style:

  • If the set up is romantic, you must pick out the wallpapers from the floral or damask section consisting of fine lines and muted pastel colors.
  • If you want to keep the look of the room casual, you could consider stucco or beadboard patterns that are classic yet straightforward options. You can also pair up the beadboard pattern with floral flowing and organic designs to create a sense of relaxation within the room.
  • To create a fashionable or contemporary look, make use of bold geometric patterns with metallic or glossy accents. Bright floral and high-scale designs are trending this year.
  • If you are looking for something archaic or conventional appearance, consider stripes and damask patterns, which go best with traditional furnishings.

Different ways to use wallpaper in a room:

 The next step in creating a harmonious look with interior designing is to figure out the different ways you can use overstock wallpaper. You need to understand one thing that not all of the styles will work in the same manner. Here are the different kinds that you can choose from:

1-Cover all the four: A simple and classic style is to use stripe designed wallpaper on all four walls of the room, which gives out a fresh contemporary appearance. Simple yet large-scale designs won’t overpower the room but will add a tinge of a twist to the aesthetics.

2-Make a hero wall: You could use a bold pattern with dramatic designing to highlight one particular area of the room, mainly behind the bed or where you are placing your sofa set. You can choose from prints with mica, gloss, or metallic designing, which will add a sassy and glamorous look to your room.

3-You can use chair rail: If you are planning on working with a chair rail that will divide the wall, it is quite simple to bring about unique impression with it. To obtain a classic look, you must try out beadboard wallpaper that is paintable under the chair rail. Above it, you can make use of damask or floral print to create an updated look.

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4-Use the ceiling: More often than not, when it comes to the wallpaper we just consider the four walls and never really address the roof. But, we are here to give you unique advice to create a sense of styling that is different from all. You can use paintable squares to create a tin like look for your ceiling. To achieve the look of the Victorian era, use metallic shades with the ceiling.

Choices for the backing paper:

Now that you are aware of the designing pattern and the different ways of choosing overstock wallpaper let’s talk about what are the types of backing paper options that you can choose from. We would suggest you went for wallpaper with non-woven backing, which can be easily stripped off when you want to add a change to your walls. Most of the wallpapers available in the market today come with non-woven patters and are very easy to be applied as well.

Also, the non-woven wallpapers will not expand whenever there is a soakage in the walls. These wallpapers don’t need to be soaked before they are applied to the wall, which cuts the time of decorating the walls in half as compared to the regular wallpapers.

Don’t go for the small patterns:

If your experience with wallpapering is low, you shouldn’t opt for small patterns. Overstock wallpaper with intricate design patterns can be complicated to create a match up when you are using them on repeat to cover the entire surface of the wall.

Textured Vs Flat Patterns:

Choosing between a textured flat pattern entirely depends on personal styling sense. Typically, the textured patterns are used to give a more casual look to the room, while the flat designs are used to impart a well-refined sense to the room’s appearance. If you want to cover any imperfection on the wall or want to add a touch of dimension to the room, we would suggest you went for the textured wallpapers. Even there are various textured wallpapers available in the market that can be painted to create a monochromatic look in the room.

On the other hand, with the flat patterned wallpapers, you will have the choice to create an exquisite sense of detailing in the room. You can get abundant options when it comes to embellishments including –gloss, mica, or metallic effects. If you got imperfections on your wall, yet you prefer to opt for the flat patterned designs, you can use a base layer to line the wall for an added coverage without hampering the look.

Bottom Line:

Wallpapering was a less-traveled road in the yesteryears. But overstock wallpaper has gained much importance in recent times. And the interior designers are taking particular interest in choosing the color-coding and design of the wallpapers than they are in selecting the furnishings. After all, wallpapers are the best way to maneuver through a room in a dignified way while expressing your individuality with the interior designing of your house.

Once, you have laid hands on the perfect rolls to cover your walls; there is no going back. This article serves the purpose of helping you to select wallpaper for the rooms of your home before you are committed to the wrong one.

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