How to find the right wallpaper to match your room decor?

How to find the right wallpaper to match your room decor? - Overstock

Wallpaper is the stuff used in interior decor to decorate the indoor walls of household and public buildings. Usually, it is sold in rolls and is implemented onto a wall using papering paste

The history of wallpaper goes way back to the Renaissance period in Europe. At that time, the elite people used to hang tapestries on their house walls. Early wallpaper highlighted scenes the same as those portrayed on tapestries. Sometimes large paper sheets were loosely hung on the walls, in a similar manner of tapestries, and many a time pasted as the techniques used recently. 

The wallpaper you select can make a room look bigger, brighter, and warmer or vice versa and sometimes even cover up defective elements. Styles, colors, textures, and patterns are all factors you should consider while buying. 

Now, let’s take a brief look at some of those facts provided by Overstock wallpaper, which will help you find the right wallpaper. 

1-Take a lesson from Colour 

Colour can adjust the ambiance in a room. Basically, the colors you choose for indoor wallpaper should be a perfect match for your net curtains, furniture, and flooring. 

To make a room appear bigger and the roof higher, select patterns with refreshing color backgrounds like blue, violet, or green. Soft cool colors imply tranquillity, whereas intense cool colors are dramatic and fresh. 

Warm colors from the collection of Overstock wallpaper like orange, red, and yellow meet expectations and indeed make people feel milder or warmer. Colors like these are a prevalent choice in cooler climates and are also appropriate for rooms facing north. The fact is, the more profound the color, the more enthusiasm it will provide to a room. 

2-Trifle with Light  

In a dark hallway, windowless room, or a north-facing room, always look for wallpapers that will reflect light all around the room. Pattern with light or mild colors and those with iridescent or metallic tones can be a perfect choice for those rooms. 

 If you choose dark color wallpapers, it will absorb light and make the walls look clumsy and the space smaller. Textured surfaces, too, make space look darker. Therefore, always look at patterns with slick surfaces from Overstock wallpaper that will reflect more light. 

3-Hiding Flaws

Patterns with levied or real texture can cover up or camouflage wall flaws or architectural mess. Patterns with genuine touch-sensitive surfaces include burlap, grass and string cloth, expanded vinyl, fabric, and even foils. 

Other papers emulate the look of wood, leather, marble, fabric, and indeed animal skins. A pattern with a laminated design also forms a notion of texture like a monochromatic satin design in the back of a floral pattern. 

4- Choosing Suitable Style 

The style of wallpaper should accompany the rest of your decor style. The style of wallpaper should flow inherently with your remaining space. 

For a formal look, select extensive patterns with staggering colors. In case of a glam, bright style, choose small themes that are regularly spaced and open, like polka dots.

Never ignore the decorative influence of borders. In all sorts of styles and themes, many borders are available, from the sports arena to grazing views to wildlife pictures. 

Selecting a good border-based Overstock wallpaper can quickly set up the motif of a room. 

5-Selecting Pattern 

You are not restricted from using plain wallpaper despite you have made use of different patterns in your room decor. In fact, the key is to choose the right pattern size and colors. 

For patterned curtains & upholstery, a straight-forward option is a tone-on-tone pattern or textural wallpaper. In case you decide on patterned wallpaper, choose a larger or smaller pattern than the upholstery pattern or drapery fabric. On the other hand, plain wallpaper provides a nice optical break for considerably patterned decor. 

 A big wallpaper pattern in a tiny room can be a distinctive design option. You may opt to use a small pattern in a large space where the space is distinct by built-in furniture, windows, and doors. In this situation, a small pattern forms a great viewing with pestering breaks & hints of pattern and colors. 

6-Mix & Match Wisely 

 A room without a pattern can make you feel bored. On the other hand, a room with excessive patterns can make you impatient. 

 When mixing stripes, plaids, or floral in a room or in between contiguous areas, always choose patterns that repeat the identical color or significance of that color. 

To give a romantic feel, you can test delicate satin and florals with beautiful lines in muffled, pastel colors. 

For a casual look, faux finishes such as stucco & bead-board are mere casual options. Matchmaking bead-board wallpaper upon flowing, florid organic designs also renders a household, relaxed feel.

In the case of contemporary or fashion advance, prefer bold geometrics upon high glare & metallic accents. Extensive & bold florals can make an haute couture statement. You can try intricate satin & stripes for a traditional look because it synchronizes fully with traditional decor and furnishings. 

7-Correct use of Wallpaper  

Before buying wallpaper for your room, you must figure out how to use the wallpaper. The reason is that all styles don't act similarly. 

If you are planning to cover all 4 walls, then a classic, plain stripe design hanging horizontally on all 4 walls will provide a fresh modern look. Extensive & plain designs will not subdue a room; instead, add a fashionable twist. 

For featuring a single wall, go for a drastic, bold pattern to emphasize an area of a room. If you want a glamorous, classy touch, you can select a hint of mica, glass, or metallic design. 

 If you have a chair rail in your room, then go for paintable bead-board wallpaper for the lower half of the chair rail for a classic look. For the upper half, hang an extensive floral or satin for a trendy look. 

Using ideal wallpaper on top of wainscoting is a newfound decorative method to emphasize decor. Moreover, you can select a pattern that accompanies the colors & style of your den, dining room, bedroom, or even kitchen. 


There are a few facts to take into consideration while selecting an ideal wallpaper for your home. Factors like the type of room, natural light, and overall design are to be kept in mind. If you are new to the universe of wallpaper, then this blog will be of great benefit to you. The above blog contains a brief description of the facts that will help you find the best wallpaper for your house decor. 

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